AAHHHHH.. Will I ever get Purl

I am new to knitting… i have the knit stitch down for the most part… but oh man I cannot get the purl stitch… I know I need to know this to make things with patterns… and I am sooooooooo frustrated… I have watched the videos… i have read how to do it… I just dont get it.

Conti or English?

What aren’t you getting about it? Maybe someone can help you through it.

Do you have anyone to watch you? It’s a little awkward at first, but it’s really and truly not that hard. Have you watched the videos here to see if you can figure it out from there? Can you describe what you’re doing to see if we can help?

I’m assuming you watched the KH video?

If you have and you still need more help…

Yes, I have watched the videos… over and over and then again. I was watching the continental one… and when I try do get the stitch. i just canot grab it with the second hook and bring it on around.

It took me awhile to get it too. I found one thing that helps me when doing continental is to use either my middle finger or index finger to help hold the yarn down after wrapping it around the needle. I don’t always grab it on the first try, sometimes it takes two or three. Keep practicing, you’ll get it.

I think I did one!! OHH yiippeee!! Thank you all soooooooo much!!

:cheering: yay sunflowermom! :cheering:
I had a really hard time with purling,too. it took me months to get it… finally, after watching videos and watching several people IRL do it as well as had several people actually hold my hands to show me the motion, I got it.

I feel your pain - it took me forever to learn to purl. I just could not get it and then one day after watching the video for the umteenth time the light bulb just went on and that was it.
Here’s hoping your light bulb just went on!!! Happy purling.

Same here … and since the light bulb came on I cannot seem to stop knitting :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: