Hey there gang…I am soo frustrated right now…I am knitting the back of my sweater (well, its for my daughter) and I was doing the raglan decrease
The instructions read
row 1:knit across row until 4 stitches remain K2tbl, K2
row 2:purl across row until 4 stitiches remain P2tog,P2
repeat rows 1 and 2 for 17 times total, there are 19 stitches on the needle, end having just worked row 2,slip stitches to holder for neck.
SOOO I did all this and I have 24 stitches left!!!
do I have to take it all out?? :frowning:
Any idea what my mistake may be??I carefully counted my rows
any idea how to fix???Should I keep doing the decrease till I have 19??
on the plus side it looks real nice :smiley:

Hi Chris!

First, just to double check that fudging is necessary: Have you counted your rows carefully? You’re sure you worked all 34 rows? And the decrease lines look good to your eye? Then don’t unravel it…try this…

Unravel 4 rows, and do a decrease on both ends of the needle, on both sides of the work, for these four rows. This will give you 20 stitches in the end (close enough), and you’ll have the same 34 rows, which you want, so it lines up properly with the front and with the sleeves.

I’ve done a little experimenting on a small sample, and here’s what I think looks best. These extra decreases look almost invisible, so they won’t interfere with the nice pattern of your decrease. I bet you’ll hardly notice the difference. You can certainly try it anyway!

Row 1: k2, ssk, knit until there are 4 sts., and k2tog tbl (as usual), k2
Row 2: p2, p2tog, purl until there are 4 sts., and p2tog (as usual), p2.
Row 3: repeat row 1
Row 4: repeat row 2.

The ssk decrease is on the decrease page.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

Hi Amy…
I counted the rows pretty carefully…how do I count them again??
I am VERY grateful for the idea…I will do your decrease tonight…
The decreases actually look real nice, I like the way they came out…
THANK YOU for all your help and this magnificent web site!!!

Actually, I have a correction. I’ve edited the post above to reflect it. On the purl-side, use p2tog for the decreases on both ends.

But definitely count your rows first, to make sure this is necessary. Look for the first place where two stitches overlap, on the left side of the knit-side of the work. The sitch (or “V”) above those first two overlapping stitches represents row #1. Follow the stitches on that row to the middle, to avoid the decreases, and continue counting up from there, and count all the way up, including the stitch on your needle. That’s how many rows you’ve completed. To count your decreases, you can look for those rather obvious diagonal lines that pop out a little bit, where the two stitches overlap with the decreases you’ve used. You should have 17 of these lines on each side, at regularly spaced intervals, if you’ve done a decrease on all 34 rows. It sounds like you’ve definitely missed at least one. No big deal, if it’s not obvious to your eye.

Also, I should note that if you use the quick fix I’ve mentioned, it will change the angle of your decrease line for those rows. Your decreases are all lined up in a perfect straight line. These will cut in at a sharper angle. But since it’s at the very top, and near the neck, I suspect you’ll hardly notice it, and if you do, it should be okay looking because of the location.


Amy I am writing this very sheepishly… :oops: I just got off the phone with my mom (aka knitting teacher) and she informed me that we had decided to go up a size on the sweater, ie make a 6 not a 4 and THAT is why my decrease is off…I should have done 19!!! rows!!!
Anyway this will put me EXACTLY where I should be…
I am glad for the help, and sorry if I wasted too much of your time!!
such is the life of a newbie!!!
Thanks and apologies

Think nothing of it! It was an informative exercise. I realize I should include p2tog in the decrease sampler on the decrease page, since it’s so basic and useful! …I won’t add it right away, since I just redid that sampler! But it’s good to know!

I’m glad your sweater has worked out! :slight_smile: