Aaarrrggghhh -- I'm Frustrated!

So, I finished a project tonight (just have to block…will post pictures later)…

I sat down to start another project and realized that I don’t have the right needles.

Then, I pulled out yarn and another pattern, and I realized that I don’t have the right needles for that one either.

Then, I decided to pull out all of my needles and do an inventory. What a mess! Well, not really, except that I have 10 dpns, size 2, and only one size 1 dpn. :??

This is extremely frustrating. Normally, I would just order what I need, but I’m trying to save some $$, so the order will have to wait.


Guess I’ll just cast on some socks.

Thanks for letting me vent. :hug:

Awww :hug: vent away we’re here for ya.

i think ihave ten tons of needles of the same size. what size do you need i can happily send them to you (i inherited them and dont use them, never have on some).

they may get you through until you get the needles you want.

I have SO many needles, and I want to make a pair of socks w/ either ML or 2 circs, and I figured out I have a bunch of circs in one size, and none in the ones I need. I don’t really know how that happened…

I feel your frustration! Been there done that, just this last week.

:hug: :hug:

What a bummer… I hope you can knit your projects soon! :slight_smile: