Aaargh! My class just cancelled! (venting here...)

So last night I just finished my 2-session intro to knitting class (learned to cast-on, knit and purl, bind-off). Only did a practice piece, no real project. I’ve been very excited about my class that was to start next week at a different LYS. Five sessions of learning the basics while making a pair of mittens. And my son was excited too because I let him help me pick out the yarn so the mittens could be for him.

Just got the call this afternoon that there aren’t enough people in the class (have 3, need 4 minimum) and so it was cancelled. :frowning: Aaargh! No one is signed up for any of the other upcoming beginner classes until July, and that won’t work with baby #4 due then. There is an advanced beginnning class in June that I had been looking at, and they might let me take it if I want (it already has 3 people registered), but I wanted both the one in May AND the one in June.

You’d think they’d rather have three people paying to take the class in May (and in the store for 5 sessions, probably spending more money) than cancel it and have no one at all. I even asked if they’d make an exception, since they did have 3 signed up for this class and none signed up for any of the others in May or June, but the answer was no.

Very, very frustrating!

I feel your pain! Although you could still make the mittens. Find a pattern that you like, and just go with it! Amy has some wonderful videos here to help you if you need it and if you still don’t get something the people at LYS are usually willing to help you if you are stuck. Don’t put off learning just because they aren’t having the class :thumbsup:

Thanks, Sandra. I agree.

I think what I’ll do is use the time to perfect the skills I’ve learned so far by working on a baby blanket, and some squares for the Preemie Project.

Then I’ll tackle the mittens! :smiley:

I’m sorry your class cancelled…I must agree…use Amy’s videos & go for it…if u get stuck, just ask for help :wink:

Yes, we’re here to help! Plus, I think there’s probably a fair number of people who learned to knit from other sources besides a class. I’ve yet to take a class & feel like I’m a pretty OK knitter. Just dive in & go for it! :XX:

When I first learned to knit, it was as a kid at school, I think I was around about 8 years old and the craze lasted all of 3 months. Then when I was 18 I saw a sweater I fell in love with and HAD to have. It was cotton and short sleeved for the summer, very much in the 1940’s style. At around that time, a magazine came out which was a week on week build up to learn the knitting craft called Creative Knitting. A free folder came with the first part and I ended up subscribing to it.

I got every single edition of that magazine and I followed the instructions, eventually I knitted my sweater. It was too small, so I knitted it again in a different colour and it fit perfectly. I still have the magazines somewhere.

Skip 20 years to around about a month ago where a local charity shop had the Creative Knitting folder and all the patterns / magazines included. I ignored it and wondered where my own was. I couldn’t find mine so I went back and for 50 pence (around about $1) I got the thing.

Then I searched on this new fangled thing called the world wide web, and fell onto

I watched Amy’s videos, read as much as I could and picked the needles up again. My biggest hurdle was remembering how to cast on. Didn’t matter, I soon got it when I watched Amy’s video.

You’ve got the very first basic thing down already, you know how to pick up a pair of needles.

It totally sucks that they cancelled it on you, I agree they COULD have carried on, I mean they were only 1 person short. However, their loss is your gain because you have found this place and I can honestly say, there is no place greater on the web.

You could get a beginners knittng book (I picked up a good housekeeping pocket size book from ebay) and work through the projects in that. We will always be here to help if you get stuck :slight_smile:

Thanks, everybody!

Although I am still disappointed about the class cancelling, I’m over the initial need to VENT.

I’ve also thought about checking into knitting nights or clinics that some of the LYS have at various times during the week. Some of them are just a social place to knit, others are for offering help with whatever project you’re knitting at the time.

And for me it’s not just about the knitting, it’s about having “Mommy time.” So I’ll just regroup and figure something else out.


I haven’t taken any classes and I just finished my first sweater (and it fits). I agree with the MOMMY TIME. I wish there was a LYS close here so I could go to a knitting time.