With B, work same as Back until piece measures 14½”, ending with a WS row. [color=red]Knit 25 sts, join another ball of yarn and bind off center 18 sts[/color]. Working both sides at once, dec 1 st each neck edge every other row 4 times - 21 sts each side. Work even until piece measures same as Back. Bind off.

I’ve just finished the [color=red]dividing row[/color], which is a knit row. So do I start the decreases on the very next purl row, and then every following purl row??? Or do I purl the next row as normal AND THEN dec on the knit row (and the next four knit rows)???

i would purl the next row and decrease on the knit row (every other row). whatever you do, make sure you do it the same on both sides of the neck band.

The front’s already done now. :wink: I wound up decreasing on the purls. I did everything the same on both sides of the neck. It worked out just fine :slight_smile:

Thanx Friend … I mean Bunny … I mean amigarabita!! :lol: