aaahhh!! I don't know what I did here

Hello everyone!!

I’m new here and found this forum through desperately google searching what I may have done wrong.

I’m almost at the end of my seed stitch scarf and something went wrong at the end of the row before last. I don’t know if I dropped a stitch (??)…and there’s something wrong in the middle of my current row too…

Would try to ‘fix’ what I’ve done if I knew what I did…I’m still a beginners knitter!

Any help much appreciated!!

Welcome to KH!
Your knitting looks lovely and even.
You can fix the small irregular stitch in the last row by tinking back to that stitch. Here’s a video.

And another that has purl sts.

(Tinking is knitting spelled backwards.)
I’m not so sure about a way to fix the missing stitch a few rows back on the edge without taking out several rows. Maybe a well-placed stitch with needle and thread to close up the hole?
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Thank you so much for your reply. I will give it a go…just so scared of ruining what I’ve worked so hard on!!!
Love the add on of the videos - this forum is so lovely!!

Ommgggg you were soooo helpful.

I ended up thinking about 3 rows…some weird stuff was definitely going on but got there in the end!!

THANK YOU again!!



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Great job tinking & reknitting👍 idk if I would’ve gone to all that trouble!! I’ve had to let go of my tendency of perfection for the sake of learning;)