AAAAWWWWwww so cute

Let’s try this

<ahref=“”><img class="mine_1790359"title=“funny-pictures-kitten-gives-his-friend-a-cheeseburger” src=“"alt=“cat”/></a><br/>more<ahref="”>animals</a>

Oh poo. I’m trying to post the picture from for Sept 16, it’s halfway down the page and the caption is “dun wurry you can has my cheezburger”

Awww! Now that IS cute.

That’s sweet. Also, look at the u tube video about Ninja Cat.

One my favorite sites. I introduced my mother to it a few days ago and now it’s one of her favorites too

Awww that really is cute!

Femmy, I fixed the photo. I right clicked on the picture itself and went to properties. I copied the link and embedded it. :wink: Normally posting a photo like that isn’t a good idea, but they have a link for you do do it as well so it’s probably okay. I did add the link back when the picture is clicked so that should help, too. I also deleted the extra posts you had trying to fix the issue. :wink:

Cheezeburger, hotdog, pundit kitchen, engrish, chart fun and fail blog are part of my nightly routine :slight_smile:

This is one of my favs:

I loved the ninja cat video! :roflhard:

I don’t why I always screw up posting photos. I guess that’s my super power. :teehee: THanks Jan:heart:

OMG did you see the “Hedge Fund” picture?

Baby hedgehogs are so cute!!! (So are the rest of the pics… I luvs LOLcats… but I’s 'lergic so tehy no can has my Chezbrgr.)