Who comes up with this crap!!! GAH!!! big deep breath

I’m knitting a double-knit hat for my son. Unfortunately it’s knit top down and begins with an Eastern closed-tube cast-on. What the crap?! I’m generally a natural talent at knitting, but this is ridiculous. How the heck am I supposed to juggle knitting and purling, using TWO alternating strands of yarn, while making sure the tail doesn’t slip and unwind my stitches. Who has that many hands?! And who thought this was a good idea for a cast-on? I’m of the distinct opinion that someone was on crack when they came up with this.

end rant

I got the cast-on finished and I’m now knitting in the round. The cast-on looks like crap, but I guess I’ll hide it with a pom pom. Now that I have a couple rows of solid stitches, all is well. Handling the two strands better than I had originally anticipated so far. Thanks for listening.

Turkish or eastern cast on can be pretty easy, it just takes some practice. Here’s a tutorial - Turkish Cast On Tutorial

What a great tutorial! The photos and instructions included with the pattern were terrible. And it didn’t have me make a slip knot to start. Much harder than it seems it should be.

I’ve found slip knots are unecessary in just about all cast ons.