AAAAHHH! Got my order!

The first package got lost, so they sent another and today i got it:

  1. The Best of Lopi - for me :cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:
  2. The Complete Car Modeller - for DH :cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:

Am i excited or what??? :woot::cheering::happydance::yay::woohoo:
Now i’m going to sit and drool all over it… I have some Lite Lopi in gray and navy, so maybe soon i’ll get myself some other colours and start my yoke project… After i get some progress on my OTN list :??

Isn’t amazon the best? congrats on your order, though I must ask, what is lopi?

Lopi is Icelandic yarn (I just love Icelandic stuff, been there and in love ever since). It’s told to be warmer, since Icelandic sheep are more resistant to cold weather. Lopi is brought to US by Reynolds Yarns and they also compiled this book of patterns. You can check it out on reynolds website and other online stores that sell Reynolds. Lopi has a few different weights - Lite (I think it’s around worsted/light worsted), Alafoss which is bulkier and maybe something else, can’t remember now. I made my hubby socks with Lite Lopi i got in Iceland - [COLOR=Red]here[/COLOR]


I love Amazon! The only thing on order now is the last Harry Potter book. I should fix that cause I need some new reading material of the knitting variety. :shifty: :teehee:

And they have great customer service - when the first package got lost, they sent me another free of charge :cheering:. and the book is fabulous, the sweaters are sooooo beautiful…

So glad you got your order. I LOVE I’m waiting for four books and a DVD to arrive at my door as I type this. :pray:They are the BEST and fast delivery too.