AAAAHH! Help with the pinwheel baby blanket!

I need help! I’m trying to make the pinwheel baby blanket but I cannot get the first couple of rows to work. Everything keeps getting tangles and a mess. I’ve worked dpn’s in the round before, is there anything I can do to get this to look good?

its easier if you have a few rows knitted on the needles before you start in round.
There are several ways to do that but one is, you can do provisional cast on and knit a few rows with scrap yarn first Or you can do a few rows of i-cord, before starting pattern with main yarn.
you take out the scrap piece later and tidy up and sew the start stitches closed.

I found something that helps… CO on 1 needle, put half the stitches on a 2nd one. Then knit with the 3rd. Just use the 3 needles until you get a few rows and add the 4th needle. If you have a 5 needle set, add the other needle when the others are full. By now you should have a few inches and they’re a lot more manageable.

i agree with suzeeq. the pinwheel blanket was my first project on dpns and i started on two needles, then moved up as needed.

Thanks for the info everyone! I’m going to see what works for me today.

i did knit the pinwheel blanket only after i practically stabbed myself with the needles
i finally crochet a smal circle about 20 stitches
and then picked the stitches up
it is so much easier with more stitches to work with
or knit about 20 stitches for a few rows and then divide