Slightly frustrated. First “big” project, the ribbed scarf from Stitch n Bitch. All it is, is knit 2 - purl 2, hardly rocket science is it!!!. I have unwravelled it (or I believe the correct term is frogged) 5 times due to purling when I am knitting and knitting when I should be purling - and DONT get me started on extra stitches. I cant see how I will ever advance onto anything more complicated then this!!! Still SO satisfying when you see a pattern emerging, even if it is only ribbing and you dont look too hard at the mistakes, suppose the only way is up!!! feel better for that rant :lol:

[color=darkblue]I’m only a three week knitter and the gained and lost stitches was happening to me until I started slowing down and really looking at what I was doing. I was going into the stitch plus taking the bottom stitch with me (or something like that) I was also splitting the fibers and creating what looked like two stitches so I would knit them both and sometimes I didn’t wrap the needle and lost a stitch. I think new knitters have a tendency to try to “LOOK” like a real knitter ,lol, and go too fast. At least that is what happened to me.
The knitting and purling you are talking about I have not had a problem with as I look at the fabric before I start each row to see if I’m suppose to knit or purl. When you see the “V” you knit and when you see the “BUMP” you purl.
I also inspect everything after a row or two to see if there are any problems and I also count my stitches after every row to check to see how that is going. Time consuming??? Yes, and you sure have to have patience BUT it is paying off for me because I just started a sweater and I have had no dropped or added stitches. I did have a mistake that I didn’t know how to fix without ripping so I ripped back but it was only a few rows because of my constant checking.
I think after some time we won’t have to be so CONSCIOUS of what we are doing. I’ve seen pro knitter that do it so mindlessly and they can talk and watch tv and everything. I’m looking for that day. :slight_smile:
We newbies are all a like.
Be kind to yourself,

Susie, I couldn’t have said it better myself :smiley: .
It will all be 2nd nature much faster than you think. Of course, both of you are doing projects much faster than I did! I spent a good 2 months just knitting and then purling and ripping out the sts; Not making anything at all, just practicing for about a month on my knitting; then about a month on my purling…LOL, this was after my wavy scarf :roflhard: :roflhard: I had picked up sts where they were not needed and dropped sts. I call it wavy bc the sts on each row changed throughout the entire scarf :smiley:
dakirk, we all go thru it, but I promise you will get it and it won’t be so frustrating!! baby steps :wink: I’ve been knitting close to a year and 1/2 and have MANY, MANY things to learn … not bc I’ve not learned alot already, but bc there’s so much that can be done with knitting and all of it is FUN, FUN, FUN :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

See nonw the Dali Lama would say something like “find happiness in the frog” or something like that.

[color=red][/color][size=2]that’s why HE’s the Dalai Lama and I’m not[/size] :rollseyes:

Yes…YOU’RE the FEMMY-MAMA! :heart:

Don’t feel bad. I’ve been knitting for 30 years and I still get lost in patterns like that. I tried doing the “prayer shawl” once and that was a major joke. K3, P3 across, turn repeat forever. I’d be knitting 3 and the 3 turned into four and then I would “unknit” back to where I messed up and try to start again. It was turning into more of a cussing shawl than a prayer shawl. :smiley: I do ok if I only have to do it for a few rows (like a cuff) but when working on a whole project, I either want redundancy (stockinette stitch works wonders for that) or something that I have to actually read line by line (like cables or fair isle).

Yupper I hear ya lol. I’m actually doing my first project too, a scarf. I’m totally not using the right yarn or the right needles…OR the color they said to use :roflhard: I didn’t realize until after I bought the yarn that there was Actually different kinds :shock: lol And I didn’t have the right needles so I’m usin’ a different kind… might not work but so far so good. I guess we’ll all learn new things as we go, but thank goodness for this site WhoooHoooo!! :happydance:
Good Luck to you and trust me…you aren’t alone I’ll be askin’ you for help before ya know it heeheeeee :XX:

oopsy I meant to ask a question too lol… I’m knitting my first scarf and there’s stripes at each end. I’ve done the first stripe and it says to “drop” the yarn, my question is, Do I cut the yarn off until I get the the other end? Or do I leave it there just hangin around until later? :??

[color=darkblue]Hi Rebecca,
I think it is great that you knitting and purled so long before you started a project. I think that you have ‘less’ frustration that way.
It is funny that I told “dakirk” I didn’t have a problem with purling where I was suppose to be knitting and vice versa…well guess what…? I did it today. I purled 9 stitches where it should have been knit. I noticed after I had finished the row and it was where I started the row so I knitted down through where the 9 purls where, I took the stitches OFF the needle and crochet hooked them back at a knit stitch and then kept going. I even had the right amount of stitches when I was done. :slight_smile:
The videos from this site that I watched about ten times last week really came in handy.

When they say drop it, it just means you don’t knit with it anymore. You can cut it and weave the end in. If you don’t need to use it until the other end of the scarf, there’s no point in leaving it attached.

tyty was just curious, i figured i’d cut the yarn too but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some trick to all that changin’ colors bit lol Thanks

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: It’s wonderful that you saw that & fixed it!!! Mistakes help in the learning process, that’s for sure!! I’m sure that I will be making them as long as I knit…lol! I have just looked at the entire Dulaan cable ensemble that I have done (scarf, hat, fingerless gloves & socks) and have found a mistake in the cabling on each one, but…they are done and I can’t undo them, so they will just be…they will be artistic touches :wink:

I have no clue what a Dulaan cable ensemble is and can’t imagine doing cables but I guess I didn’t think I could do any of the things I’m doing now.
All in time my pretty, all in time. LOL
I hope yours comes out great. :slight_smile:

My apologies, Susie, I thought that everyone had seen pics of the Dulaan Cable scarf that I had made. I got the pattern from Robbyn’s blog, YarnPath Where she is nice enough to share several of her beautiful patterns. I did the scarf, but added my embellishments with the Icord/bobble fringe as u can see here. And then I used a smaller yarn called fingering wt yarn, which is generally used for socks and size 2 needles and designed a hat and fingerless gloves to match the scarf and i am working on the socks now…that’s the Dulaan Cable ensemble…lol! Pardon me, I wouldn’t say that I designed either the hat or fingerless gloves because I still used her cable pattern! Since I decided not to knit for anyone but me and Lonnie this is what I have been working on since Sept 15 (I know this bc I was just looking over my notes…lol).
AND…FYI, cables are not even close to being hard, they, like dpns and socks, etc can look intimidating but when you just remember that it’s just some sticks and some string that you are playing with…you are good to go :wink: ! For real, cables are easy…YOU can do it :thumbsup:

I’m so happy to know another fan of Oz :wink: I actually have a small Christmas tree that I decorate with green lights and Oz ornaments :smiley:

That scarf is gorgeous. I remember seeing the hat and thinking how wonderful it was although complicated looking. I guess you are right that once the pattern becomes easier to read you can make pretty much anything. :slight_smile:
You have really been busy that’s for sure.
My next project after my grandson’s sweater is a sweater for me and then I may try socks.
Enjoy your day and thanks for explaining it all to me,


Oh, I’ve not done sweaters yet! I’m looking forward to that, I have my book ready and my real life “Knitty Yoda” that is going to tutor me with knitting sweaters in the round, which is the ONLY way that I am interested in doing them (at this point, anyway!). I have a very long project list that has been put on the back burner for a long time and I want to finish all of those projects and have a nice long Sock Sabbatical (I have a box full of sock yarn) and then I am going to begin sweaters…I had a target date to begin the 1st of 2006, but I will probably push that back a bit bc of the long Sock Sabbatical.
You will find that knitting socks is a LOT of fun :cheering: :cheering: JMHO :wink:

How long have you been knitting? You sound like a pretty experienced gal.
The sweater I’m doing it in pieces. I hope to try an “ON ROUND” one too one day.
I’ll have to see about socks as I like think tight woven ones.
It is great to have a PLAN on what we want to do.


I’ve been knitting almost a year & 1/2. Knitting seems to come very naturally to me; I think bc I enjoy it so much :smiley:
Allow me to edit that, I’m afraid that since I said knitting seems to come naturally to me that now I will have a huge knitting FROG CATASTROPHE or something :roflhard: :rofling: so…what I meant to say…

Most knitting seems to come naturally to me; I think bc I enjoy it so much!

That is neat that you have done all of that in just a year and a half.
I hope no frogging is in your future.

You know, I think there ARE Knitting Gods who listen for statements like that. When I got back into knitting, any time I said that maybe I was good at this stuff–BAM! Proof that I had a lot to learn!!