A yarn over question now please

How do I do this?

In row 1 of a lace pattern I am looking at , it says in row 1, I begin with a yo then SSK,

Never done this one before. :??

Thank you!

It means that you would start with a Yarn Over, then slip the next two stitches on to the right needle, insert the left needle into the front of the two stitches and knit them together from the back. Unless you knit combined, then it’s just K2tog. It’s for western knitters so that they can untwist the loops and get the slant desired for the pattern.

To begin the row with the YO, bring the yarn to the front, then over the needle to slip the sts for the SSK (slip them separately knitwise) then when you knit the sts tog that anchors the yo.

So, do I put the yarn over onto the right needle? then begin the SSK?

Do I just wrap the yarn over the the RH needle?

Sorry, I posted my last response before seeing this one.

Thank you! I will try this.

Yes,the pattern says,

R1: Yo, SSK, K9 rep from beg.