A yarn online store I just discovered!

I joined the “knitting Russian style” group on Ravelry (because i’m originally from Russia and it’s nice to talk to people from similar place), it’s a really great group and there are also non-Russian knitters interested in the Russian knitting culture. Anyway, there’s the moderator, Svetlana, who apparently is quite a guru in the Russian online knitting world. Through her profile i found a US store - http://www.taigayarns.net/, that brings Russian yarns to US. I tell you people - the prices looked amazing to me! Merino, wool blends, angora blends for 2$-5$. Lots of lace weight and fingering weight. I think i’ll order from there soon :slight_smile: Tell me what you think, does it look like great prices to you too or am I over excited? I’d love opinions from experienced online shoppers :slight_smile:

Wow! Wonder how the shipping prices are? Did you check yet?

I don’t know about domestic US, i’m more interested in intl, but from what i saw there - i think they charge the actual shipping. I know that for intl shipping, USPS have about 2 options, so i don’t know what variety of shipping options you have in the US.

Cool. The prices do seem to be quite good. I may have to try an order to see how they are service-wise.

Hey thanks for sharing! Have you found out how much the US shipping rates are yet?

I’m sorry, i really can’t tell what is expensive and what is cheap in US domestic shipping, because i’m abroad. They don’t have a fixed price, so i guess it goes by the weight and the kind of shipping you want.

Seems to be based either on weight or how much you spent, not sure which. I played with it a little, added 8 skeins of 200 yd yarn to my cart ($36 purchase), and shipping for regular USPS parcel post was $7-8 US. Added 9 skeins of cotton ribbon (total of $70 purchase), and it went to $10.50 for parcel post.

The do offer 2 day USPS service for a few dollars more and even Fed Ex service. They take the major cards, checks, money orders and even PayPal (which I really like), and you can purchase a yarn card with samples to touch and feel of all their yarns for $4.95 in the US.

Shipping is way reasonable… I’ll have to order after payday… Great find!

Very interesting. I like the fact that they have a sample card you can order to see and feel all their yarns.

What I don’t like is that they don’t have yarn weights listed, you have to guess based on gauge, needle size, weight and length of skein.

I think it’s because the Russian yarns are never labeled with weight. I have a few magazines and all they state is the suggested gauge. As far as i remember from my grandma, she never used terms for weight, sometimes numbers (like with crochet thread). But i don’t think it’s hard to understand, especially when they give all the details.
I think after 1st of March (payday of the month) i’ll order the card and some yarn to sample :teehee:

Their shipping prices are outstanding, but you have to work a little for it:) . When I ordered, a $20 overnight FedEx price came up automatically in the shipping, but when I clicked on shipping and order info, options came up, and I got shipping for under $3!

My father has been ordering from them for about a year. He really likes their Rustic yarn. Dad’s been making dressy scarves and is selling them, and this is his main supplier, something for him to do in his retirement. He has gotten some of their other yarns as well. He is on a first name basis with the man that owns the shop, hehe.

I’m interested in buying some of their Taiga brand name Merino yarn. It is in a smaller gauge than I like, but I can always hold 2 strands together. Would make for a decently priced Merino sweater.

Use this site to help convert gauge to weight.

Thanks for the link, Natalia!

You welcome, Jan!
I gave up to the urge and ordered their yarn card, so i’ll know what to order next time :slight_smile: I’m thinking about the goat down yarn they carry…mmm:teehee: