A wrap for my niece

[COLOR=#6a2e82][/COLOR]Wow, seems to be taking “forever” but it’s coming along…I am working with “Imagination” from KP and a wonderful KP Harmony needles…the pattern is just off the top of my head…I’m calling “it”…[B]Tati’s wrap[/B],started with “gingerbread” then grabbed “seven dwarves”…really pretty stuff…

Very Pretty! The colorway matches your Harmony needles SO well!

That’s really pretty!

You know you can post those pictures, right?Just click the square insert image icon and put the link in.

love the colors! Very nice!

thought that’s what I did…If you can do it please do as my computer is being funky and slowwwww…

Very fun wrap!

Okay, I fixed it. I think you clicked the link icon instead. It’s easy to do because they are near each other. :wink:

LINK icon =

She’s gonna love it! Beautiful!

Ooooooo ahhh! I love how your colorway is dispersing! It looks so nice! And it shows off your stitches real nice, too! Fabulous job, Cheley! :thumbsup:

OMG :notworthy: what a wonderful compliment, especially from you…Thank you so much, you have given me the “push” to keep going…:heart:

Its so beautiful …am sure she will adore it

I love it!!!