A Work in Progress

I am taking my leftover sock yarn after knitting socks, to make several 9 inch squares of garter stitch border with a 50 stitch pattern area between the borders. So far I have 3 squares done. I imagine that it will take around 80 squares to make an afghan . It is going to be a patchwork of color and stitches. Two squares have mirror imagines of Right twist and left twist. I do the twist on every other row and it made a very lovely pattern that is very subtle to see in a picture.There will be only one stockinette stitch square.:cheering:

Sounds like a wonderful project. Isn’t it satisfying to finish up leftover yarn? Looking forward to the photos.

that sounds beautiful. there will, of course, be photos…


Yes there will be photos after I get some more sock yarn colors . so far I have white, dove gray and marine blue. The gray and blue are the right and left twists.