A wonderful story for cat lovers

Am I crazy or does it sound like she has a little bit of heaven in her grasp? 300 Cats, Yes. Craziness, No.

That’s so cool. And she’s not one of the hoarders who keeps cats around for sick reasons, even after they’re dead. The world needs more safe havens for critters, more people like Ms. Scarpa. Thanks for sharing the link. I’m not even a cat lover necessarily, I like them or not on an individual basis, but seeing them mistreated or having nobody to care for them still breaks my heart.

I don’t think she’s crazy at all. She’s providing a sanctuary, cares for them and has other things she loves like birds and ceramics. Neat story!

I loved her story, thanks for sharing this. I have been told by my daughter that I would be a “Crazy Cat Lady” if my hubby didn’t put his foot down after I adopted 3; most come to me out of the woods, where I live a secluded country (and sometmes lonely, hence the bonding with wild animals and feral cats) life.

I feed deer, raccoons and wild turkeys. I even help the pond beavers if they fell a tree and it gets ‘hung up’ on a nearby tree. I have been known to work hard to drag branches down to the pond for them. It’s kind of a “you killed it (this tree), now you better eat it” attitude.

Her pottery (and cooking!) is also intriguing. That was a very good read. Thank you again.