A WIP for my daughter-in-law's friend

I am working on a baby blanket using Caron One Pound yarn in the colors, White, Royal Blue,Scarlet red, and Black. It is a chevron pattern . I started with the white , knitted 2 1/2 inches of the white, 5 rows of black, 2 1/2 inches of the Royal Blue, 5 rows of the black, 2 1/2 inches of the Scarlet. So far I have a little over of 15 inches in length done. So not quite halfway through with it. But I will be finishing it before Dec. Because I have to send it to my daughter in law so she can gift it to her friend who is having the baby. The parent is a Giants fan so that is the reason for the Red White and Blue colors scheme. I added the little bit of black to make the colors pop.

That sounds great. I think pastels for babies are highly overrated anyhow. You’ll post a pic when it’s a FO?

That should be pretty!

I think of all the baby things I’ve made for my daughters friends I’ve only done traditional colors a couple times. The bright colors are usually way more fun!

I agree. Babies look wonderful in the brights (of course, babies look fabulous in everything). Good choice. This sounds like a beautiful blanket and I’m looking forward to the picture!

yes I will post a picture of it when it is finished and blocked. It looks so good to my hubby and I, daughter thinks I should not have used black but she has a very different view of things that we like. Daughter-in-law will love it and I am sure the parents of the baby will too.

Here is a photo of the baby blanket I am working on. Hope you like it.

That’s a beautiful blanket! :thumbsup:

I love baby things in bold colors! Sounds like an wonderful project! Very generous!

I am almost finished with this baby blanket. I am on the last red stripe, then 5 rows of the black and then the last 2 1/2 inches of white and I can bind off !

That’s totally fantastic! I can’t stand to wait to see it here, bet you can’t wait to have it done.

Sounds like a winner!!! Like the idea of the color scheme!

I am going to knit one more row and bind off on the purl side. Then I will wash and block this blanket,. While it is on the blocking mat, I will get a picture of it and post here.

I don’t think you need to block it. It’s an acrylic blanket so washer and dryer should be fine. Check label of course.

It is in the dryer now

Blanket is finished and will be mailed out tomorrow.