A Wimple for Kimmers

Finally got this one blocked. This was knitted last year for my friend. DH and I will be seeing her along with other friends during our upcoming travels, which motivated me to finish this.

Wonderful job, it looks fantastic.

That’s so pretty. Very well done.

Gorgeous work, Claire! The wimple is so graceful and flattering. I love the combination of lace and yarn colors too.

It looks terrific!

Love it! what a wonderful gift for a friend. Have a happy visit with her! is that you in the photo?

I really like that, having never heard of a wimple before I was intrigued! It looks like it can be worn in lots of ways, as the mood or the weather dictates. Have a wonderful trip, I’m sure your friend will love it.

Thank you for the happy wishes, Woodi :slight_smile: We left our camping site at
South Fork Mineral Creek after spending six nights there and are now in Santa Fe; we are looking forward to seeing our friend in the next day or two.

That is me in the photo.

Thanks! Looking forward to it. I think I’ve spend more time watching your material this at work than actually working! Fantastic stuff!