A Wiggly Hat

A few months ago I taught my next-door neighbor to knit. She’s been plugging away at a few projects here and there, and just recently her youngest daughter – my DD’s closest friend – started pestering her about learning to knit a hat.

Well, I had this [size=2](kinda nasty)[/size] TLC Wiggle yarn lying around in two complementary colors. So, we knit two complementary hats for our DDs. My DD’s is purple w/ pink accents, and her friend’s is pink w/ purple accents. It was FUN [size=2](even if the yarn is scratchy acrylic)[/size]!

So … here are pics of my DD’s … I haven’t seen the friend’s finished one yet, but I’m sure it’s equally as cute. :wink:

And here’s a better look @ the corkscrews I put on top:

And only after I took the picture did I notice how messy the family room was. :oops:

cute hat … I like the curly’s on top …

That came out really cute!! Washing will most likely soften it up, but I’ll bet she can’t even feel the scratchiness no top of her hair. It’s adorable and so is she!! :thumbsup:

I just took it out of the washer, Jan. It didn’t seem to soften much. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to mind much. :lol: She still likes it!

That’s odd. Good to know though! I’m glad she likes it. Kids look so cute when they have matching things like that…they feel so special. :wink:

So cute! It looks like she has Fruity Pebbles stuck to her head! :rofling: Don’t tell her I said that though! :roflhard:

Very cute! :thumbsup:

That is very cute!! Is there such a thing as a clean family room before the kids go to bed??? :thinking:

Very cute…perfect yarn for a child!!! LOL, your family room doesn’t look messy, just looks like people live there to me :wink:

:roflhard: I’ll try to keep that to myself!

Jan – It might have something to do w/ the fact that my washing machine has quit dispensing softener. :rollingeyes:

And thanks, ladies, for excusing my family room. :wink:

I love the hat, but goodness, look at that amazing grin on your DD!

And if you thing that’s a messy family room, you should have seen mine before I found the carpet last night…

Tragically I forgot to take pictures… :—

Anree – Thank you! She is a little beam of sunshine most days. I can almost always count on her for a smile. :wink:

My family room still looks the same as it did when I took that pic, but there are other rooms in the house that are looking LOTS better. I need about 3 of me, I think. :lol:

Great picture of a beautiful girl, Julie!! I am surprised that the yarn wasn’t soft to begin with–now I’m scard the Noro scarf I’m doing isn’t going to get softer after blocking! :shock:

A darling hat and girl! So neat the way they don’t care about luxurious at that age heh heh (will come later)

:heart: the hat!