A "what is" question

hi everyone. my name is sharon but u can call me shoshkes.
i’m from Israel so please escuse my spelling.

i came across this instraction:

15-22 (row no.) St-t 8 rows.

what is St-t means?

thanks allot


I’m not sure you typed it completely - does it say St st or St-st? That would be stockinette stitch.

It most likely means stockinette (stocking) stitch. Are you doing the “Monkey Moo” pattern from Knitted Toy Box, that one has instructions that look similar to the one you typed.

That’s funny you asked that… I’m working on Monkey Moo right now for my boys for Christmas :slight_smile:

I am doing the Monkey Moo pattern.
thanks alot
i cant wait to start knitting it already and i had to crack this up first.

i’m so happy i’ve found u and this forum.

good luck to u all with your knitting projects


What’s “Monkey Moo”

Lori look at:

Monkey Moo