A warning to all

Don’t wind your balls too fast while holding the yarn. You’ll get brush burned fingertips.

Im very sorry for your burn…but…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Once your fingers heal up you’ll have nice calluses that will protect your fingers while knitting!

See, there IS a silver lining for every cloud!


LOL - been there, done that. :slight_smile:

Poor baby! Your title really had me worried but, think how much worse the damages could have been. I’ll be sure to be careful after your warning. . . soon as I 1st, get up off the floor and 2nd, renew my membership in our County Hysterical Society!
Do write again. I probably won’t ever be able to help you with your knitting but, I’ll read you till you annoy me, which will probably never happen. Thanks, Jean

At least your yarn didn’t catch on fire! (I think my ball winder instructions say, “turn the handle slowly…” ) :slight_smile:

Oh no no. I turn that crank like my life depends on it.

You mean I should not follow Tim the toolman’s advise and connect my power drill to handle of my ball winder?

• Knitter gets bright idea (as above) and attaches power drill to handle of ball winder (secures ball winder with duct tape);

• Knitter anchors yarn swift tightly to table because of anticipated increased speed of winding (secures with duct tape);

• Knitter attaches hank of yarn to swift (secures with…ditto) and threads through winder (also securing with … yep, you guessed it);

• Knitter starts up power drill. Swift starts spinning and ball starts winding evenly and steadily.

• Delighted knitter increases speed… increases speed again…and again;

• Top of yarn swift detaches from base and, due to centrifugal force, starts spinning madly around the room;

• Perplexed knitter watches in horror as yarn swift top spins across the room and attacks the family dog before breaking through a window;

• The yarn carried across the room by the spinning yarn swift tangles itself around the frantically gyrating and barking dog;

• Horrified knitter finally takes finger off power drill trigger;

• The room is enveloped momentarily in a somewhat ominous silence until the frantic barking of the now-cocooned dog starts piercing knitter’s eardrums;

• Knitter leaps across room, grabs and holds dog’s mouth closed (securing it with duct tape);

• Knitter proceeds to liquor cabinet and downs a couple of belts of the strongest liquor available;

• Knitter then proceeds to untangle the dog, remove the duct tape securing his mouth, sweep up glass fragments from broken window and laboriously use Goo Gone to remove duct tape adhesive from table, yarn swift, ball winder and dog.

• Knitter then answers doorbell to deal with neighbor whose windshield was broken by flying yarn swift.

• Knitter and neighbor explore liquor cabinet.

• Hammered Knitter commandeers tipsy neighbor to hold hank of yarn so that knitter can wind it into a ball ----- by hand.

Once I got started it was so hard to stop…



Ruthie!!! that was HYSTERICAL!!!:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I laughed so hard i had to peee…:roflhard: :roflhard:


From a mechanical point of view;

"• The yarn carried across the room by the spinning yarn swift tangles itself around the frantically gyrating and barking dog; "

> In panic response knitter tightens finger on power drill trigger;

> Dog wrapped in yarn is pulled closer and closer to ball winder;

> As dogs tail is about to enter the feed guide of the ball winder. "Horrified knitter finally takes finger off power drill trigger; "

and lastly,

> Hammered Knitters children are still looking for dog.

Oh Ruthie, I really hope my County Hysterical Society hurries up with my official acceptance. Excellent repartee. I’ll read anything you write! Wonder if trvvn5, that bad boy, guessed he would ignite all this rhetoric over swift ball winding? Oh, please, I have to stop. Isn’t it fun though? I have enjoyed. Thanks. Jean

Ruthie. While I greatly appreciate your hilarious response. The poor physics geek in me is about to pop his lid. There is no such thing as centrifugal force. There is however centripetal force. And the yarn swift would detach due to its lack of centripetal force…I’m a geek. I’m ok with that.

Hi! :slight_smile:

Chris, that’s hysterical! By the time this thing gets polished up any good stand-up comedian could take it to Vegas!

Trvvn5, my engineering friend - Did you laugh? That’s really the bottom line. If this thing tickled your funny bone, then my work here is done!!! :thumbsup:

And yes, you’re absolutely right - the physics involved are pretty shaky, but this was one of those things that just started to roll when I read Chris’ comment about the electric drill and the ball winder.

You remind me so much of a very dear friend of mine, who, after looking at a particularly intricate painting of mine (“P’catso’s Masterpiece”, which I’m attaching in another post) brought up something his “engineering eye” caught that didn’t work for him. My question to him was “What about the painting? How did that grab 'ya?” His answer was that he was so enthralled he couldn’t stop looking at it!

I’m so glad you started this crazy thread, it’s been so much fun and “Lissa” and “Wellslipmystitches”, I’ll be sure to let you see a draft of the knitting book I’m working on - it definitely has some of the same flavor as my earlier “ball winder” post!

Meanwhile, I’ll insert P’catso in another post… and thanks everyone for adding so much additional fun to this!

Hi - Here’s “P’catso’s Masterpiece!” Enjoy!
(Original oil, 24" x 30")


It’s kind of annoying that the science geek in me prevents me from enjoying certain things. It limits my ability to suspend disbelief. Like my partner loves to watch the show Fringe. I scream at the TV all the time while he watches it, because some of the stuff they do is just ridiculous.

Yes your post was fantastic. I loved it. The painting is beautiful.

Are you really working on a book? I think that would be great. Make sure you keep us posted then and we’ll make sure to support your work when it’s published.

My daughters would pick up on that as well!

Hi, Trvvn5:waving:

I started working on the book over a year ago and was making progress on it when I developed some health problems that sidelined me and the project for nearly a year.

Thankfully I’m all better now, back at work on it and finally making some real progress. The more I get done, the more excited I am about it and can’t wait to share it with other knitters.

It’s a book about how to design your own knitted cotton kitchen cloths and accessories. The design lessons are all things that will be useful on many other projects and there will be 24-plus original designs as instructional examples as well as just for readers to have fun making!

I had a lot of generous support last time from knitters on this forum offering to test knit some of the projects and when this is a little further along I’m looking forward to more input.

Thanks for asking, Mr. T, and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it’s going as soon as I can.

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :hug:

“P’catso’s Masterpiece!”

Wow! :inlove: You’re really good! I :heart: it!