A very special cat

I just saw this story which you folk may have heard of already. What incredible senses dogs and cats often have. I’ve heard of dogs staying with hurt or dead owners for days and resisting all efforts to move them. Such empathy:


Wow, I love cats. Thanks for sharing. Here is my baby!:knitting:

Touch my mommy’s yarn and I will take action!


Wow, I just read about this cat in the Boston Metro on the way to work this morning.

Call me a sicko, but I wonder how many people see that cat coming and scat it out of the room.:rofl:

Sorry–all I could imagine is all these people shooing the cat.

He’s on the dementia ward, so most of the patients probably don’t even realize there’s a cat living in the hospice, which is kinda sad.

Ingrid LOL but Stiney is right…and I think so close to death most people are at relative peace.

I think this is beautiful - having some company, some real affection in the last few hours is a real gift.

I think so too willowangel…and I felt…glad…really glad…that this cat ensured these people were not alone. I’m sure many of them had a sense of a presence there and I am really touched by that potential.

:angelgrin:Just more proof for my belief that kitties are angels.

Yeah, my first thought when I read it was, I’d be really bummed if the cat came into my room. My second thought was, maybe it’s not so much that the cat knows when people will die as much as when he visits them, it’s almost like a cue to the patient that it’s time. I know it sounds weird, but I’m sure that there are some people in hospice care who are tired of fighting, and just want to be reassured that it’s okay to let go. When the cat visits them, there may be a feeling of relief and readiness.

Of course, being a hospice, death is bound to be pretty common. Surely the cat hangs out with people who aren’t about to die sometimes. :shrug:

I know my kitty always knows when I’m sick and, even when it’s really not convenient for me, puts away her feral tendencies and tries to curl up on me (she once tried to sit on my head when I was really distraught and wouldn’t let her on me cause I was crying too much and I get really allergic to her when I’ve been crying - she went up on the back of the sofa and put her paws on my head!).

I’ve had no fewer than 3 people send me this story. I think it’s sweet, and amazing. What a special kitty! I think it’s great that the staff will call the family to let them know they’d better get there soon. Even when you know someone’s time is coming, it’s still kinda nice to get a little “heads up” to say a final goodbye.

Wow - the response worldwide to that story has been huge - it was both the most read and most emailed on bbc.co.uk/news which is quite impressive. Here’s a response to it :


I never knew about epilepsy dogs before, that’s a great idea. I’m very glad there can be such comfort and support from animals, they continue to astound me with their abilities (says I looking at my cat doing a very unladylike pose ;-))

Actually, the cat is very anti-social, according to the article I read. :shrug:

That’s what I read too - he kind of does his own thing the rest of the time, not really going near anyone.

Ah. That wasn’t in the one I read. Thanks for linking the BBC article. I had read about dogs sensing cancer before, but the seizure thing is new to me. Interesting stuff.

I have a client who walks but has some difficulty walking and sometimes falls. She has a dog who, when commanded, will brace himself so she can use him for leverage to get up. He is also trained to fetch things from the floor for her.