A very simple question

Please forgive the noobish question, but I’m just learning and this site has been a ton of help.

I’m having a lot of trouble knitting with a sort of fancy synthetic yarn. I bought it before I figured out that I prefer wool, but it’s pretty and I’d like to put it to use. On the label it suggests using size 10 needles, but when I use that or size 10.5 it becomes so tight that I cannot move it up and down on the needle. Knitting with it becomes a bloody struggle that makes me want to give it up for good!

I think I may be a ‘tight’ knitter, as I used size tens for Noro Kureyon yarn when my local knit shop suggested 8s. Do you all think that I simply need bigger needles for this yarn? Or am I doing something else wrong?

The problem might lie with the yarn…a lot of novelty yarns have no “give” to them whatsoever and are a real pain in the you-know-what to knit with. The last novelty yarn I knit with (by request… :rollseyes: definitely not my choice!) was like that…no stretch or “give” whatsoever…I just had to work extra extra hard to knit looser than usual.

I would use whatever size needles you need to stay in gauge. I am forever changing needle sizes to get there. Those suggestions on the package are just that - suggestions!