A very knitterly birthday! Woohoo!

Well, Thursday was my 50th b’day (and my sisters were all very happy to comment that I have picked up “an old lady hobby” at just the right time!:roll:). I can’t complain, though, as I was spoiled rotten by my family and received several things from my knitting wish list: a Royal Jumbo ball winder, a subscription to Vogue Knitting, a gift cert to my local yarn shop, and a beautiful set of Vera Bradley knitting bags (large size with oodles of pockets, medium size for the “project on the go” and small size for the “gadgets”). Oh, what a wonderful birthday it has been! The gifts were all wonderful - but we had a really nice dinner out together as well, which was even better! Had to share:happydance:

Hey! That’s so awesome - it’s great when friends are so caring and thoughtful! While I definitely don’t think it’s an old lady hobby, whatever it takes to get more yarn… :happydance:

Congratulations, and enjoy your new loot! :slight_smile:

:balloons:Well, happy 50th, and it sounds like you got some lovely presents. Old lady hobby or not (not!), they spoiled you rotten! :balloons:



[B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Indigo”]Hey Chris!
What a wonderful Birthday Loot! This must be the year for turning “50”! My DH had his in May…and I turn 50 on Dec. 24th! Yikes! My family has said the same thing…I had to learn how to knit…I have a 22 month old grand daughter…LOL! I can’t wait to teach her to knit…I’ve already held her on my lap and knitted and put her hands on my hands while I knit…that lasts about 10 seconds…LOL!

Happy 50th and enjoy all your Birthday goodies!

happy birthday! and what nice gifts- may you have many more happy and healthy birthdays.

:cheering:Happy Birthday!!!:woot:

Thanks for the B’Day wishes all , you make me feel very special cloud9 I was just so excited when I actually started transferring all my “stuff” into the new knitting bag I had to share and knew you guys would understand (so much nicer than the eye rolling I get around here!:roflhard:)

Merry :psst: [SIZE=1]1957 was a very good year, wasn’t it :lol:![/SIZE]

Thank you for all the nice comments - I will get brave and block it before this winter.

Slim - hopefully this link to the pattern will work, I found it randomly while doing an internet search.