A very knitted christmas

ok, so the following people i love i’m planning to knit for:

mom - she never wears ANYTHING i knit for her so: simple pillows about 1.5 ft square, moss stitch or a design in moss stitch, with some frilly, fun edges.

sister’s baby to be - the requisite booties, pull up pants from the stitch n bitch nation (minus the devil tail which is cute but would go unappreciated), a simple matching sweater if i have time

sister - a handbag of some sorts

brother-in-law - the hat he asked for (2x2 ribbed easy in greens)

mr rabita - a sweater if his mum will give me some of their alpaca yarn!!! yummy! (hey, some people date a man for his money…), i am also making him socks in my knitting class

9 year old daughter - headband with knit flowers, a beaded purse with a little wallet attached

6 year old daughter - a knit duck (she loves ducks), a hat and scarf from some white cotton mermaid double knit i just picked up for 2 for $4.50!! i may embellish with another color of the same

mr rabita’s mum - a cabled scarf from her own (prize-winning) yarn

co-worker girlfriend - mittens from stitch n bitch in exactly the same yellow/light yellow combo

mr rabita’s brother’s baby-to-be - ditto of whatever comes out the best from my sis’s baby-to-be gifts

what are you making this year and for whom? anyone want to wage a bet that i get more than half of that done??

Wow, Amigarabita, that’s a lot of knitting! You go girl!

I never seem to get organized to plan so well in advance! I usually go one or two projects at a time. And then I give them away as soon as they’re done! I can never save them until Christmas!

In the past month I’ve made:
A sweater for my niece
A sweater for my nephew
Socks for my Mom and Dad
Gloves for myself
…I think that’s it.
Oh, and lots of little knitting samples for this site!

I’m currently working on an experimental pair of socks for myself. I’m using several different yarn types on the sole to see which wear the best!


I just started knitting a few weeks ago and already want a ‘very knitted Christmas’! I’ve got scarves and smaller things like potpourri holders planned, since I’m not very fast, yet, and am quickly running out of time.

On that note, if anyone has any good ‘small’ gift ideas, I’d love to hear 'em!

What an impressive list of projects you all have!
I’m trying to complete one project at a time, but that is truly difficult, as there are so many wonderful ones to work on.
I just finished a shawl for my daughter, which should have been lacy…however, I kept goofing up, so I kept it really simple after the first four starts! The main embellishment was the picot edging.
Cables are so much fun to do. My current project is a beautiful cabled blue tweed sweater for my grandson, who is 18 months old. I used a Sidar pattern, which has button closures on one of the shoulders, so that it would be easy to get on and off while he wiggles around. It’s so much fun to make things for small people, as the get done more quickly.
A year ago I began what would be my first pullover, which I finished last month. It’s huge (and striped…what was I thinking?), but since it’s warm, and I knit it myselft, I love it!
Looking forward to being part of the Forum,
Jenny/Mountain Knitter

Amy - I do the same thing - as soon as I finish it, I want to give it to them!

I just started knitting about a month and a half ago, so my gift list consists only of scarves. I have made about 15 of them so far! I just love experimenting with all the different textures. I plan to finish about 4 more before the 25th.

After the holiday passes, I would like to start some baby clothes for a couple of friends and sister in law. Hopefully for myself soon enough too :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for good small projects. I want to collect some small project ideas to recommend to the new knitters on this site. Amigarabita, that knitted headband with the knit flowers sounds like a great little project. Do you have a picture or link to share by any chance?

Schmidge, 15 scarves in a month and a half?! That’s incredible for a new knitter! :shock: Way to go!!! (I wish I had an emoticon that was cheering and clapping it’s hands!)

If you’re into scarves and looking for something different, you should check out the “Alien Illusion Scarf” in the Stitch 'N Bitch book. It’s not a mindless project–you have to follow a pattern stitch by stitch, but it’s so cool! It uses “illusion knitting.” (I’ll feature the concept on this site, one of these days.) When you look at the knitting straight on, it just looks like green and black stripes, but when you look at it from an angle, an image pops out. In this case, there are 6 green alien faces knit into the design! It’s a great pattern. Of course, you could make it with hidden circles, or letters, or hearts, or whatever you like, if you don’t like aliens! I thought it would be a great present for a teenage boy, or punkish gal! Also, to make it easier, you could just do one alien face at each end, and just make the rest stripes.

Another cute scarf, which would be a cinch to knit, is the one posted on the “elongated stitch help” thread.