A very important Christmas Lesson

For some unknown reason, I have always been a “late Christmas/last minute” shopper/knitter…Well, I think I have finally learned my lesson…I have 2 (promised for X-mas) Tams to complete by tomorrow (otn).Today when I woke up, my left eye felt really funky…guess what, I have 3 scratches on my eye, I am applying antibiotics, ointment(3 times a day) and wearing an eye patch!!! Yes, I am knitting with one eye :waah: wearing a contact in the other plus readers on top of that…lesson well learned…Happy Holidays:hug:

Hi, Cheley! :waving:

For many years I was always the one in the checkout line at Wal-Mart when they closed on Christmas Eve! :slight_smile: Of course, I did meet a lot of very nice, but harrassed, people that way, and I did get the job done.

BUT, either age or wisdom has prevailed (pretty much) especially since I got so firmly into knitting!

First, I’ve simplified my gift giving to things like gift cards or on-line purchases. That helps tremendously since health-wise I’m not too keen on traipsing through stores.

As for hand-made items, since I love knitting, I tend to knit stuff all year long that comes in really handy when my former acquaintances are queuing in the Wal-Mart checkout! :roflhard:

I know it’s a little late this season for you to start next year’s knitted gifts, but January isn’t too early, either! :slight_smile:

I hope your eye improves quickly, and I know you’ll get done what you started. You have to be very determined if you’re knitting with an eye patch, so very well done!

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :knitting:

:muah: :muah: Thanks for your “wise words” Ruthie…(thank god I can type without looking)!!!

UGH! I feel for you. You know, it seems no matter how early I start, I’m always behind the 8 ball so to speak. I guess the more time I have, the more I try to do. Sorry your eye is messed up on top of having to complete projects at this late date!! Hope it’s better quickly!

I just hope that you are feeling better soon and that you don’t have any permanent damage.
I tried to be on top of things this year but I am still not going to be done on time… sigh… maybe next year… if I start in January! :roflhard:

[B][I]happy new year my wishesto you[/I][/B]

I used to be a last minute shopper but I learned a lesson years ago. I now try to finish my shopping before Thanksgiving and most times it works. Finishing my wips is another story,lol I usually try to start next years hand made items in January but I do get some of them done. I just plan on making too much hence the wips.
I hope your eye heals with no permanent damage. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:cheering:

:heart: Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon. I am currently finishing up a few projects for the holidays. Luckily some won’t be handed out until Saturday!

I have no words of wisdom on the last minute stuff- my niece and nephew will be getting half their christmas gift when I finish knitting them sometime next week. I just tell myself I am extending the joy of the season - technically there are 12 days of Christmas anyway :slight_smile:
Hope your eye feels better. If you don’t mind my asking how did you scratch your eye?

Thanks…as far as the “eye booboo”…I have no idea!!!:shrug: Maybe my DH tried to gouge my eyes out while I slept:rofl: Just kiddin…I think I poked my self with the corner of my Decorative/hard pillow on my sofa…went to the Doc this a.m.and new cells are growing already…just have to be careful not to re-scratch…but the scratches are close to the pupil so I am seeing a little blurry today…BTW I am still:knitting: like a fool!!! Merry Christmas:muah:

Hey Cheley–I hope your eye gets better soon!

Hi Cheley!

I’m so sorry to hear about your eye! I’m in the same boat, we waited until the last minute to get all our presents for our kids, I just finished wrapping them!

Every year I promise that when someone’s birthday comes around I am going to get their Christmas present as well but I never do it. I always think of excuses of why I shouldn’t but then, come December I’m kicking myself for waiting until it’s too late!

Good luck! Better late than never! Merry Christmas!

I’m wishing you a very speedy recovery! I’m sure if you’re a little late the recipients will understand that it’s hard to do needle work with one eye!

I’m late for everything LOL Thankfully my kiddo is still small enough that the presents I don’t get a chance to wrap can come from Santa :smiley:

Oh man I can’t say I was knitting with one eye, but I did spend all day today finishing my moms lace scarf… She doesn’t even know it’s coming so I could have taken my time and finished it for her bday… but no no I just had to have it done for Xmas.

I finished knitting around 1:30 am, washed it and pinned it out to block in the bathroom. I was finished it totally by 3:30 am… We aren’t going to my moms until noon so hopefully there will be enough time for it to dry. I pulled out one of our fans from storage to help speed things up…

It’s 4am now on Christmas morning… I guess I should go to bed. :teehee:

:hug:hope you’re feeling better!!!

I do that too-we were much, much better overall this year, and we didn’t have to wrap presents in the wee hours of the morning (:woohoo:), but unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish my Dad’s pj pant’s I was sewing for him. I just wrapped up what I had finished and gave that to him :teehee: and I actually finished them right after they left. So technically, they were finished, my parents just arrived too early! LOL!!

Of course, there are two knitting projects that I still owe that are not finished. However, I am in the clear because I got other gifts as well for them-my Mom got KP Harmony Options (she loves them! surprise! LOL) and my DSis got flannel pj pants and one half of a two-Moss Grid Towel-set :-P. Somehow I got the first towel done months ago, and this one just got started two days ago (I recently found the project bag that got lost in my closet!).

So as you can see from all these replies, you are not alone! Hang in there, and feel better!