A vertical slit when knitting in the round?


New to the forum: Knitting ponytail hat in the round without a pattern and wondering if this would work to make a vertical ponytail slit: Can I knit back and forth (as if I were knitting flat) beginning and ending at the start of round, continuing for 5-7 rounds, and then just going back to knitting in the round again? Will that leave a slit for a ponytail? I have seen many instructions for a horizontal opening, but I want a vertical one that would “disappear” if no ponytail were pulled through. IMG_2739


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Good idea. I think that would work fine. It puts the slit toward the back/side which might be where the pony tail is. You may have to experiment a bit as to where to start the slit and where to make the crown decreases in relation to it so it works for you.


The only problem I see is that stockinette stitch curls and your slit could turn into a a gaping hole. If you wouldn’t mind a seed stitch edge on the slit that should help. You could do say 5 stitches in seed stitch at each end of your rows.


Oh that’s true, I didn’t think of that.


YAY! Thank you.


thanks for the advice.


Such good info, right? Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it!


I thought of it because you covered other concerns. I didn’t think about needing to play around with the placement.