A Twist on Crocheted Food

This site was linked from You Knit What? Part 2 and there is some stuff that is both cool and kind of out-there!

TwinkieChan’s Crochet Gallery

The last couple of items on the page aren’t quite food, but I’d love to make a knitted version of the Black Kitty Wrap. :roflhard: If you look through Twinkie’s fridge, there are more items that she’s sold. She’s quite the artist. :slight_smile: (My daughter would probably just die for a rocket pop scarf.)


She really has a lot of talent and I always enjoy seeing what she comes up with. Here is a link to another inspiring blog:

Enjoy! Helen

haha I love it! They’re so unique! I think some of them are completely ridiculous, but I absolutely LOVE the candy button scarf! I HAVE to make it! And it’s a great way to use up some of the little extra stash yarn in really bright colors :smiley:

Helen, that’s a great link. It’s fun to see so much creativity! (And I love the term “Aussiegurumi.”)


I should make my husband a bacon scarf. He loves to torment me with bacon… I can’t stand the stuff plus he has an odd tendency to always want to make it right after I have cleaned the stove. Grease spatters… :stuck_out_tongue:

OHHHH, I love this site… for some reason I thought it was discontinued… Thanks for reintroducing me… (sorry, didn’t even get as far as the food link… got way to distracted with YKW).