A Touching Story of Strength

The story linked below is so sad, yet also so uplifting. I am so proud of the young girls in this story who brave ludicrous taunting and violence doing something we simply take for granted here in the U.S. - going to school! How many of us have children (daughters especially) who complain about school? I know my daughter always did. She was not a school person. Yet the young ladies in Afghanistan risk life and death just to get their education. And their parents are to be commended too. Strong people!!!

I can’t even begin to describe how seathing angry I get at the thought that there are still places in this world that are so backward they won’t educate the girls and women. Thank you for sharing this story.

There is a book called Three Cups of Tea which is about an American who went to Pakistan to climb K2 and ended up heading up a foundation to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to encourage girls to go to school. It is a great read - IMHO

I LOVED this book! :thumbsup:

This story made my stomach heave at the evilness of the act and yet at the same time it made my heart soar at the strength and bravery demonstrated by these girls and their families, who support and encourage them!Bravo and good thoughts and energy to them!!