A tiny little giveaway *update*- we have a winner! (a KHer!)

Today is my blogiversary, and in honor of that I’m doing a very modest giveaway to some lucky person who comments on my blogiversary blog post. (I’ll choose one name at random from the people who leave comments on that particular post). The gift: one skein of Malabrigo (216 yds), in #195, Black. Just enough for a quick little project.

Interested? Would love to have you pop by my blog.

Not interested? Would still love to have you come on over a give a little shout out. :teehee:

Thanks for introducing me to the online knitting community (including knitting blogs), KH! :muah:


I tried to leave a message, but the “word verification” is just a question mark, so I can’t verify it.

Anyway… I did not think it was possible to make Malabrigo look any better, but that is a beautiful picture. Great composition!

Congratulations on the one year mark. I am not sure I would have that kind of dedication.


Hey Candice. Thanks! Don’t know what’s up with the word verification business, but I will consider this a blog comment and enter you into the drawing anyway! :happydance:

I had the same problem as candicane!

I wanted to say congrats anyway…I just started this whole thing, and I hope to be doing it as well you in a year (I think I will need to spend much more time perfecting it if that is my goal!).

Anyway…congrats on a year!


Congratulations on your first year!
I commented on your blog… I’m signed in to my gmail account right now and it just used that. That’s just a little confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry I accidently double posted

I don’t know why the word verification is having problems - but anyone who isn’t able to post on my blog can post on this thread and I’ll enter you in the drawing. Thanks! :hug:

oops - double post

I signed up for yer contest but after reading your blog I’m looking forward to reading more. Love yer twins and all yer hats. Being a preacher and living in Ann Arbor (the best pace for women to live accodring to several sources) is cool too. i wanna be you when I grow up :muah:

Hi, I had trouble posting on your blog too, sorry. Happy Blogiversary! That’s really exciting. I took a look at your blog, and it looks great. Love the voodoo wristwarmers you made, and your little guy looks too cute in that hat. I lived not too far away from Ann Arbor when I was in Highschool, in Tecumseh, I loved it there. I look forward to reading more of your knitting thoughts etc.!

I had the question mark problem too… How strange! It’s even worse when those verification systems use a font I can hardly read!

Anyways, congrats on your blogiversary! I look forward to reading more of yours. I admire all these people that keep up and have such interesting blogs. I just can’t get into the swing of it!

Stacey–I liked your “100 Things”. What a bunch of ironies in your life–most interesting! Your twin boys are so cute…I’m partial to twins, being that I’m a twin myself! :teehee: (and I’m in the “apron” category myself after three c-sections, but what a great reason to have our “battle scars”, huh? :hug: )

A very cool blog!

Do your boys have their own “language”? Lots of twins do.

Thank you, all of you, who were kind enough to check out my blog and wish me a happy blogiversary! It was so much fun to get so many comments, and also to be introduced to some new blogs I hadn’t seen before.

AND it’s a KHer who won the yarn:

HamaLee! :cheering: Congrats! I’ll PM you for your address.

cookworm, my boys don’t have their own language, but they do mispronounce things the same way, for the most part, and they have some of the same language idiosyncracies. It’s so funny.

femmy, I had no idea that A2 was supposed to be one of the best places for women to live. Cool! I like it a lot. And your comments made me smile. :hug:

:muah: to all of you!

:flirt: :thumbsup: :passedout: :happydance:

What should I kniiiiiiiit?

Congratulations, HamaLee! (You most certainly have a stash now!)