A threat to sea otters

Cats. Or rather cat feces that is infected toxoplasma.

I just heard it on Forecast Earth so I looked it up. The story is on the Weather Channel page for Forecast Earth, but it’s only a video so I looked around to see there was any text on it. I found quite a bit of info.

Bottom line is please don’t flush litter. The eggs are not stopped by the filters and are finding their way into the food chain that otters eat.

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That’s pretty scary. Does the enzymes not kill the eggs?

I never would have thought of that. I’m without any pets right now but I’ll keep it in mind for later. Though I am on the east coast and far from sea otters, I’m sure they are not the only ones harmed by toxoplasmosis.

I now don’t know how to dispose of Rx drugs that are unused, either. :shrug: Now we have tons of those in water supply and the filters don’t get rid of those, either. I think municipalities need to look into their filtration systems again. Not worried for me but think of our kids who will get [B]decades[/B] of exposure to “tiny” amounts of drug.


That’s interesting. I’m sure that’s something a great many people wouldn’t even consider.

Ugh that is sooo gross. When I clean out the litter box I will never look at it the same. :ick: I never flush litter down the toilet. My plumbing could never handle it, but that is good info to know.

No, apparently it doesn’t. Otters primarily eat sea urchins and when the sea urchins filter the water the eggs remain behind. Sad.

Here’s the video if anyone is interested. If it doesn’t work just type in otters and then the video will come up and you can click on it.

My husband works at a waste water treatment plant and they don’t dump it in the ocean, but the water that they filter is cleaned with UV.