A tank on a 16 inch needle? What?

I’m about to start making this tank top:


I actually got gauge using the needle size the pattern called for, this never happens to me.
Anyway, anyone out there find it odd that this pattern calls for a 16 inch circular needle? Why not 24 inch? I mean, I’m supposed to cast on 140 sts. 16 inch needles hurt my hands too much…

It could just be that she had that size needle and used it. I’d go with the longer one if you’re more comfortable with that.

You may need it for the neckline.

Yeah, I know I need it for the neckline and the armholes, but I’d rather use a longer needle for now. 140 sts in the round fit perfectly on the 24 inch needle.

There’s no reason you can’t switch it out to a 24" or 30" if you want to.

I started the tank last night using a 24 inch circular and it is working well.