A sweater question

If you have knit a cardigan but didn’t knit any button holes and a zipper doesn’t work… what would you do to finish off your sweater?
I’d like to pick your brains on this.
I found one way but I’m thinking there must be other ways out there to close the sweater up and undo it again.
TEMA :knitting:

You can crochet a buttonloop chain, or do it with your needles. There’s closures called ‘frogs’ which you can buy or make. These are kind of like buttons but one has a loop on it that fastens over the other.

On one sweater I crocheted a button loop and on another I did an a i-cord bind off and did the loop with that.

Here’s some pros and cons for various methods including snaps. I’ve used single snaps at the waist on shaped sweaters that are worn closed and that works. What are you thinking of?