A sweater for Rachel

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”][FONT=“Lucida Sans Unicode”]Rachel graduates from her Quantity survey at Newcastle with good second upper grade. I wanted to give her something special as her graduation gift. As a knitter, there is nothing can be more special than a handknit gift right? So, I picked out a pattern from garnstudio and knitted her this sweater http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=100&d_id=21&lang=en with the Patons classic wool merino I have.

Rachel is quite petite and I really think this pattern will show her feminine figure good. I din’t follow the pattern entirely and AGAIN I added cable pattern on the sleeves. She took a picture of herself in it once she received this surprise as this is the request I wrote on the card. She looks so lovely and nice in the sweater[/FONT][/COLOR]



The sweater is superb and she looks absolutely lovely in it.

That sweater is so nice! I especially love the cables down the arms. :cheering:

haha when I saw the title, I was like Oh, I’d love one!! I love the color choices and the cables - and the fit looks absolutely sensational! Great work :happydance:

Lovely item and lovely appreciative model wearing it :slight_smile:

WOW! Fabulous work and love the added cable detail.


That’s lovely and Rachel looks lovely wearing it - it really looks ‘made for her’ :cheering:

It’s lovely, and a perfect fit! I’m sure she’ll enjoy it for many years. Those cable sleeves are just beautiful – an interesting way to personalize the pattern. Sort of a signature, maybe?


[COLOR=darkorchid][B]Beautifully knit, and on a beautiful girl![/B][/COLOR]

That is a really nice looking sweater! Rachel looks very happy with it. It’s perfect for her.

Thanks to all the compliments! =)

Very nice and neat sweater!
Rachel looks cool in her new sweater.
I especially like the cabled sleeves :cheering:

That is beautiful! I LOVE the cables on the sleeves!

Just beautiful, Kitman! Lucky Rachel!!:yay:

I totally dig the cables down the sleeves. THAT is cool. Also like the wide band around the waist (although I’ve not got the waist that I want accentuated. LOL). Gorgeous colors and looks GREAT on her. WTG