A summer peach - to dream of while I shake off this chill

A cotton/linen blend in a hot-cha-cha color. I dream of wearing it in slightly warmer weather!

Very nice and trendy. According to Yahoo! (pseudo)News, hot tangerine is [I]the[/I] colour for 2012.

Just looking at your lovely sweater has warmed me up on this icy, sleet-over-everything day. Very nicely done and in a great color!

Your beautiful FO renews my faith that spring will come! Thank you. :muah:

It’s lovely.

That’s really pretty!!

That’s beautiful. I hope you get to wear it soon!

And I won’t mention the 70 degree weather we’re having here in Texas (oops!).

Oooh, cute sweater and definitely a nice warm color. I love it.

Beautiful! :muah:

This will be gorgeous on you! Love those cha-cha colors!