A stupid mistake

I’m knitting a purse and only have about 3-4 inches to go and I will reach the end. Knitting along tonight, all of a sudden, I realized I was purling a knit row. :frowning:

I did about 2/3 of the row in purl stitch. What is the easiest way to correct this? I just need to fix that last row. I stopped when I saw the mistake.

Just checked and I knitted 15 stitches, then changed to purl accidentally. The whole row is 36 stitches.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I don’t know much about fixing mistakes.


I promise you aren’t the first or last one to do that. That’s why we learn to tink (knit spelled backwards)

oh my, how MANY times have I done that…

tink tink tink.

aka frogging. rippit, rippit, rippit…

Well, the video is very clear about what to do so I hope I can follow along and pick up the right stitch. I’m going to play the video while I try it.

Thank you so much!

Sorry, my dear, but frogging is much more drastic than tinking. Tinking is carefully, painstakingly removing one stitch at a time and getting all your stitches back on the needle as you go. Frogging is releasing the inner beast to rip the needles loose and then pull the yarn to ravel out all those stitches. Fast and effective but much more aggressive. If done properly it can provide opportunity to vent on the dratted piece of work that dared go wrong. :wink: I frequently frog then tink a row or two to get things back as they should be. Too frequently.:waah: A particularly naughty piece gets the ball winder treatment and I rewind to frog.

I can tell you from personal experience that while rarely if ever a pleasant task it does get easier with practice…and a bit of resignation to unfortunate reality. Happy :knitting: !

It didn’t work for me, but probably because of where the tinking had to start. For me, I was already done with the row. I managed to fix it by taking the needle out and very carefully putting them back on the previous row.

I still want to practice so I can learn it to add to my bag of tricks! :cool:

with the wretched grampa sweater, I have become well versed in both tinking and frogging.

It has unleashed my inner longshoreman.

I can swear in multiple languages, including Navajo.
My knitting group has become accustomed to hearing me go:

AGHGHGHGHGHGHGGHGGHHGHGHGGH!@!!!$#p%^(%^&%%#$(()(&^***, after which I heave a big sigh, and tear out several rows.

and I’m booked to go to the Listowel sale again, because I know the way. Also, I introduced the group to Anna May’s, a great little restaurant in Millbank, north of Stratford. and a bit west.

i need to know some of this navajo cursing… :slight_smile:

It is still possible, and often necessary, to tink from the end of a completed row. The videos just demonstrate the technique from the middle of a row. You could practise tinking just a few stitches and see how you get on with that.

It’s true, practice makes perfect - well, almost perfect lol.


noooo! Only PERFECT practice makes perfect!


Practice is the magic word here. I need to take time to practice on a swatch.