A story to make you jump!

So I am alone in my apartment. I decided that I would go out on our patio this afternoon and knit in the sun. Just before I opened the sliding door I noticed a huge walking stick bug on the glass. I took a pic and txt to my bf because it was cool. I knitted outside for about 20 minutes until the sun was directly in my eyes and the heat was unbearable. Then when I went inside I saw that my bug was still on the glass. I go in, turn to shut the veneitian blinds and to my horror I see the words “I SEE U” written in finger grease smear on the door. It’s on the outside but written so that I can read it on the inside and 5 inch tall letters that go across the whole door. i panicked. I was txting my bf like mad and I grabbed the decorative katana off the wall and started to search the house while I was crying. It was like every bad horror movie I’ve ever seen. All I could think of was, this is exactly what those big chested chicks do and then they die! GAH! So I found nothing and no one. just me, my tears, and a giant decorative sword. roflmao. So my bf says to shut everything up tight, keep my phone close, and check in with him and I’ll be fine. That was quite some time ago now but I had to post this. :shock:

You poor thing. . .it would freak me out to.

I have a friend who manages a hotel and he had a hysterical guy call him saying the words “You’re gonna die” appeared on his mirror after he got out of the shower. He was convinced someone came in while he was in the shower and did that.

Anywhoo. . .it is a mean trick. You take soap, or shaving cream and wipe it on glass or a mirror and when it gets steamy or there is humidity, it appears.

Sounds to me like someone is playing a trick on you. I would be thinking about who has access to your patio.

lol, anyone who wants to. We are on the ground floor and there is no gate or fence or anything. I never thought that would be a big deal when we were talking over the pros and cons

OMG! I would have been freaked out, too! Creepy. Hope whoever it was has a flat tire in the pouring rain and no one to help.


Yup, I would totally freak out too. Even if it is just a kid playing a prank it’s pretty scary. Wishing bad karma on your prankster. No one should be aloud to scare someone else like that and get away with it.

Oh my gosh, I would have freaked out too!

o.my.goddess. If that is a prank this is too messed up. Did you wash the window?

That is terrible!! That is not a funny prank at all!! I am so glad you are ok!!

OMG!!! You called your boyfriend??? I would have been calling the police!

Glad you are o.k.:hug: but be careful!


:shock: Yikes! I hope all is well and you find out it was a trick. But then I say kick them!

I’m so glad you are ok too… did you ever figure out how it got there?

Freaky! But nothing bad was going to happen as you were probably not wearing high heels and could run easily. I agree with your boyfriend, though–keep the phone very close and lock windows and doors.

oh god…that would have been me too…but sadly…I would have been wandering the house with my cheap replica Godrick Gryffindor sword instead…

DF thinks it is funny that instead of a bat by the door…I keep a sword (the truth about THAT being that I haven’t found a place for it yet smiles)

I have a crohbar under my bed. It was in the yard when I moved in and I thought it could come in handy.

:oo: Egad! talk about a good scare. Just keep your mobile charged and close to you. Shut your blinds and lock the doors. Some people, huh. >.<

A long time ago something like that happened to me but it wasn’t writing on the glass. We had just moved into our house we had boughtand hadn’t had a chance to buy drapes yet. One evening I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine while my kids were outside playing with friends. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a person appear by the sliding glass door. It was not one of the kids. This person started to fondle his exposed private partswhen he saw me look at him. I jumped off the couch and he turned and ran. I opened the door and hollerd at him “You better run you B@@ST@@RD, My husband will kill you if he catches you”

I was txting my bf like mad

So, someone wrote that and you were [I]texting[/I]? I can tell you from personal experience that someone can break in faster than you can call or text.

Next time, get online with 911 while you’re looking around your home. We don’t need any statistics here on KH.

That’s scary! I had a scare last fall. I went out the door with my dogs to go to the barn. I saw someone in my driveway about 100ft ahead. My male dog went running toward him barking and the person took off running and then turned and hollered “Get away from me” and fired a gun into the air. My dog turned around and ran back to me. I thought it was a neighbor kid and it was a pellet gun until he took off running. Then I hear my neighbor down below me yell “They’re robbing you”. Two guys were in my husbands shop carrying out his power tools and stacking them up next to the road when my neighbor saw them and stopped. The 2 guys ran off in different directions one of whom I saw, he continued on down my driveway across the street and ran through the neighbors house waving his gun and disappeared into the woods. After it was all said and done then I was scared. It happened so fast I wasn’t smart enough to be scared.

I went to my garage, unlocked the door to the bay door and got in my car and backed out. I noticed the side door of the garage swinging open and a square cut out of it. Someone had broke into the garage. My husband had gone to work early, about 5 a.m., so he probably scared them when he got up. I called the police. I couldn’t find anything missing except my sunglasses in my car. My car wasn’t locked. The police said that I was lucky that I didn’t walk in on them. The police left and I kept looking around the property. I then noticed that our utility house had a cut on the door. They were trying to get in there. I had felt so safe, but I am more aware now.

Someone was probably trying to scare you, but it is very wise for you to be more aware of your surroundings now. I understand that you had been in your apartment before you noticed the writing. If you hadn’t been in there before, it would be wise to call the police and have them check out your apartment, before you went in. Be safe and cautious, but don’t let it make you afraid. I pray if I get spooked.

JAN!!! :roflhard:

I used to do this, but in a nice way… leaving love notes for my mother. Your story gave me chills, anyway.