A Steal on Yarn

I’m so excited I can’t keep myself from sharing! I just bought 800 yds of 100% cashmere yarn in the most beautiful lilac color for $25. I wasn’t going to buy it, claiming it was an unnecessary expenditure. But my hubby told me to. I love when he does things like that! :woot:

envy galore - great buy congratulation

Oh wow! 100% cashmere? 800 yards? for $25? :noway:

Did you get that at a yarn store?


Sweet! Sometimes you can get the best deals on eBay…I think the best knitting related deal I ever got was 12 sets of Addi Turbo circulars for 70 dollars, including the shipping.

Cashmere is never unnecessary!

Wow, what a deal!

WOW. unbelieveable~what a great way to start the year! :thumbsup: