A sock question that might make you gasp - updated with pic

Ok hold onto your chair! I was thinking of making socks using (hold on tight) acrylic yarn. My son found some yarn he really likes and wants a pair of socks. Has anyone ever made socks using acrylic yarn? I relize they probably would make your feet sweat more, but he is 6 and really likes the yarn so I don’t think he cares much. Sorry if I made your heart stop for a minute I would never use acrylic for any of my socks, but this is the first time he has every asked me to make anything for him.

I used Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn to make socks for my 2 boys- it is acrylic, and worked out fine.

:shock: …LOL, j/k!! If he likes it … :XX: it :wink:
I think that’s very, very sweet :smiley: , his asking for mom to knit socks…WTG :wink:

No gasping here, either! At least when they get thrown in the wash, there won’t be a problem!

Go for it. Sons need to be pampered, too.

:roflhard: you are too funny gasp gasp gasp As long as he likes it…he’ll grow out of them so fast anyway.

Do it! The most I’ve ever enjoyed knitting has been on projects my kids specifically requested, (even/especially when I thought they were weird).

I’ve been seeing a lot of sock patterns using Lion Brand Wool-ease. Whaddaya think of using a wool blend for socks? As gasp-y as acrylic? I have a ton of Wool-ease in the ole stash.

I have Woolease in my stash, too! As a matter of fact, I’m about to make my aunt a pair of tube socks for bed with some :wink:

I’ve never been able to get any Wool-Ease. Mike’s doesn’t carry it here, and WM never has. Apparently LB is pretty sticky about importation into Canada, so my only chance to ever get some will be by ordering it online, or having a friend in the US send me some. I am a touchy feely kind of person, so it’s hard for me to buy something I haven’t felt up before.

As for acrylic socks… if he wants 'em and will wear ‘em… who cares what they’re made from? They aren’t gonna fit for long anyway! The Bernat Sox yarn that I use for my kids’ socks is 75% acrylic and 25% nylon. It washes and dries great, and for about $3-$3.50 a pair for the kids, who am I to complain? :wink: