A skein of mercerized cotton

Hello everyone.

I bought a skein of multicoloured mercertized cotton yesterday. Unfortunately just one skein which limits what I can do with it. I wanted to try knitting my first pair of socks with it but I am afraid I don’t have enough.

So my question is, what suggestions do you have for what I can do with it? The details of the yarn are

4 ply, mercerized cotton
100 gm
119 yds

Is this enough to make a pair of socks? Or maybe a hat?

Thank you.

It’s not enough for adult socks, but I “think” it would be enough for a baby hat or booties/socks.

Wow, thanks for the superfast reply!

For my own future reference when browsing in yarn stores, how much yarn do I need for say a pair of socks, a hat, etc?

You’re welcome!

The best thing to do is look at patterns first and see about how much they take. No two probably have the same amount of yarn and the amount of yarn you’ll need will depend on needle size, gauge, and pattern detail. Here’s a few patterns to look at and you can see what I mean.

Silver’s sock tutorial

Here’s a bunch
Socknitters home page

For a pair of medium sized women’s socks, you’ll want at least 300 yards, preferably 350.

Would you have enough to knit a pair of gloves, I kintted a pair and I used about 1 50g ball, so you might have enough.

Don’t know if you’re into dishcloths or not, but this pattern looks like it would be so cute with a multicolored yarn:

The first thing that comes to mind for me is a dishsoap bottle cozy. I have to leave mine on the counter {a little harder for Alex to get his hands on}, and the cozy makes it pretty and match my kitchen!

you definately have enough to make any of the cloths from www.knittingknonsense.com I just finished the kitty one and am working on the doggie one :slight_smile:

I plan on knitting a case for my digital camera as soon as I finish the top I’m working on…
I’m going to use the one skein of cotton yarn that I picked up on clearance somewhere a while back, and Nicole’s “camera sock” pattern…

Thanks Kaye! I didn’t even think of that! And yes, the pattern would work well with a cotton, merc. or not. It uses very little yarn, and I’m going to try to make a felted cell phone cozy for my new phone {finally got another one after a year without one!} using that pattern and my booger leftovers.