A simple seamless dress and Madison hat

I am finished with the simple seamless dress. Unfortunately it is way too small for the little girl I intended it for. She is a small 4 year old so I decided to knit the middle size (2-4) yrs but I used size 4 needles instead of size 7 and made a mistake in counting my swatch stitches (I knit almost 2 stitches more per inch than I recorded. When I saw that it was coming out small, I re-checked and discovered my error.)

But I am not too disappointed as the main reason I chose this design was to get a good idea of gauge. Up until this point, I have knitted only two scarves, one hat and a small purse, none of which gauge was important. It was also my first real opportunity to see if I could follow a pattern.

So, instead of 2-4 year old size I ended up with more like a 2-4 week old size! It’s about 14.5" long and 16" around the chest after blocking, lol. Well, at least I realize the importance of gauge, needle size, swatching and the like now.

I decided to knit a little hat to go with it just because I felt it looked a little lonely as a dress by itself. It was okay when I thought I was knitting for a small child but baby-sized, I felt it was missing something. I used the pattern for the Madison hat but changed the border from seed stitch to match the broken rib border on the dress so it would match.

Those are just darling! Changing the hat border was perfect. Very, very well done. Yours turned out so nice I think I’ll use that pattern.

The hat and dress are adorable. You’ve knit them beautifully and they’ll be wonderful gifts for some little girl.

Thank you, both. GrumpyGramma, I would love to see yours.

If I ever get it done, I’ll post a picture. My list of Gotta Knit That is sooooooooo long. It might be a while.

They are both adorable and the hat really goes with the dress, would make a wonderful gift.:cheering:

[COLOR=“Navy”]VERY cute!!![/COLOR]

they are really sweet! nice work.

Wow!!! Your’s came out better than the pattern picture!
Excellent work!