A simple "How to?" Question

[size=2][color=darkblue]Ok! Hello to all! How are you doing this pleasant day? ^.^

Anyways to get to the point, I would like to know if there is an easier way to switch to needles of a bigger gauge then by removing the whole project off the smaller needles?

Does anyone have any pointers for this itsy bitsy problem?[/color][/size]

Just knit from the smaller needles with the bigger needles! :wink:

[size=2][color=darkblue]ohmigowsh… I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much![/color][/size]

in bed with strep but other than that, doin’ great! :wink:

ya know i was befuddled by this problem several times until i had a :doh: moment. Just knit off on to the bigger needles. It won’t be easy if there is a huge difference in needle size but waaaaaay easier than trying to rethread! :wink:

Hello to you, too…and, ditto what Ingrid said :wink:

[size=2][color=darkblue]Thanks for being so nice to me! I have to admit I carry my knitting everywhere I go… So I was rather upset when I couldn’t figure out what to do…[/color][/size]

you carry your knitting with you and knit in public? i can’t even begin to IMAGINE doing that! :rofling:

(meanwhile my doctor was ooooing and aaaaahing over the baby blanket that i thought i might be able to get finished today while i waited for her to come into the room! :wink: :thumbsup: )

[size=2][color=darkblue]why can’t you imagine doing that?? Is there something wrong with it? o.O -looks confused-[/color][/size]

We’re all nice here… except for certain members of the Mod Squad when posting in a particular Mod Squad member’s blog! :wink: :roflhard:

But yes, I have to agree, this is one of the friendliest places you’ll find online. I’m another one that carries knitting or crocheting with me wherever I go. Even after about 20 years of crocheting, and about 2½ of knitting, I still find that some of the answers to my questions were so obvious that I couldn’t see them!

no i was teasing. i knit everywhere (including stoplights! :shock: )…grocery store line, movie theatre, doctors’ office waiting room apparently…

most of us do KIP…and are very proud of it! :thumbsup:

[size=2][color=darkblue]Tee Hee! Thanks![/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkblue]oooh! I ddin’t catch the sarcasm there… ^_^’ what’s KIP? oh wait… Knitting IN Public?[/color][/size]

you betcha!