A Simple Cap

This is the cap I finally finished, nothing fancy, but a big accomplishment for me! I probably should have decreased at the top more slowly, but will do this better next time. Hubby is the reluctant model, made me promise to leave his face out of it!

Nice job :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks! I survived the DPNs, which was a bit intimidating at first.

Great job! Love the color!

That looks great! :cheering: :cheering: DPNs are scary at first, but they’re easy to work with once you get used to them.

That looks awesome! I love that color and I’m glad that you survived the DPN’s!

Y’all are too kind :oops: My son gets credit for the color. I crocheted him an afghan in the color of his choice and had two skeins left over. His fave is orange, but he didn’t want screaming mango, so we found this. It’s Red Heart Super Saver, Carrot.