A shower of love - issues on row 12

I have exactly 8 weeks to finish this masterpiece. I am stuck on row 12 and desperately need some advice. The pattern book is “Our best knit baby afghans.” The pattern is called a shower of love. Here is the issue:
Row 11 has 179 stitches and row 12 increases to 195. Here is exactly the way this reads.
K1, (P1,K1) 3 times, YO, SSK, K1, K2 tog, *YO, K2, increase, K2, YO, SSK, K1, K2 tog; repeat from * across to last 7 stitches, YO, K1, (P1, K1) 3 times: 195 sts.
Three times I have very carefully knitted this row chanting the steps to avoid mistakes. I finish my last repeat and count the sts on my left needle, and I have 9 left. Not 7. Apparently at least one other person on the www has had this issue but no fix was mentioned. I would greatly appreciate any advice from someone who has knitted this gorgeous pattern. I am afraid it will mess up the cables. Either post or email me at suzstager@gmail.com

I get 20 sts increased, which should be 199 sts, not 195. What are you doing for the increase? You have 12 in the beginning, the repeat and 7 at the end which is 19 with a repeat of 8 sts 20 times if you use a m1 inc not kfb. Using a kfb, you’d need 9 sts for the repeat and that doesn’t go into 160 which is what you have with 19 sts for the beginning and end sts.

I think the increase should be a kfb (knit into the front and back of one st, an increase that uses a st). I can see the pattern but not the instructions on page 77 that tell you how to increase. See what they recommend.
The instructions before and after the repeat use 19sts and there’s no change in the total number of sts going from row 11 to 12 (179-19=160sts). The repeat uses 10sts if you do a kfb so you have 16 repeats for a total of 160sts. Each repeat increases in number from 10sts to 11sts so that’s 1 x 16=16sts increased.
179sts + 16sts=195sts

Oh, yes, that is 10 sts in the repeat, I think I forgot to count the k1. Your math makes more sense than mine.

Thanks so much for your help. The instructions at end of book on increasing say knit into front and back of stitch which is what I was doing. I am going to frog this row for the 3rd time and knit it for the 4th time and see if I have better luck. I guess somewhere I am messing up but I swear I have been soooo careful actually chanting the pattern repeat like a mantra. I worked on it here at work and people thought I was crazy. Thanks so much for the help and seeing that the math works out is actually helping my sanity. I am a newish knitter and it seems crazy that I can manage two complicated socks on one circular and this little row is making me want to throw in the towel. Well, here is to row 12 for 4th time!!

These set up rows are almost always painful especially when a large number of sts are involved. I would put markers into row 11 to keep on track for the repeats in row 12. You’re probably on circular needles so you can slip the sts from one needle to the other. As you do that count off the sts before the repeat and place a marker. Then mark off the repeat sts in groups of 10 or 20 up to the final set of sts. Now when you do each group of sts, it’ll be easier to see where you are off within one or two repeats rather than all the sts. You can use small pieces of scrap yarn tied into circles or safety pins or even st markers as markers

I think I will do exactly that and use markers on row 11 as a guide. I ripped it out at work and made the call to wait until after my sleep deprived brain can recover a little and I have no interruptions. I am coming off of 3 12 hour nightshifts in a row with one off tonight and 4 more grueling days. Oh well! So much to knit and so little time. I tell people I wish I was independently wealthy so I could knit socks all day, but if I have to work I am so thankful I have my job. I am a NICU nurse and am blessed every day to take care of beautiful little babies. So a huge thank you to all you ladies and gents who knit and crochet and sew for threads of love for the hospitals. You could never imagine the impact you have. Developmental positioners even help reduce muscle spasticity later in life! Enough rambling; I am off to bed and I’ll let you know how it goes tonight.

Check that you’re doing the YOs right - they’re just a wrap around the needle, not a wrap and knit. If you get to the end of the row and it’s not right, you may not need to rip it all out. Look at the sts and name them rather than count them -
k p k p k p k, yo, dec k, dec yo 2 knits, inc 2 knits yo , dec 1 dec, and so on. That can actually see where you got off the st pattern. If you forgot a dec, unknit your sts back to that point and put it in. If you forgot a YO, mark the spot where it should have been and just pick up the yarn between stitches on the next row and purl it as if it had been there all along. If you did too many YOs or decs, then also mark them and take them out on the next row.

That’s so nice to hear. Thanks very much for telling us that the hats, booties and all the other goodies are so much appreciated. Good luck with the very pretty blanket!

Thank you thank you for the tip of the markers. It was such a simple solution I couldn’t believe it worked. It was so nice to see those last 7 sts on the needle and know it was right. On to row 13 and if the going gets tough again I’ll just slip the markers on again.