A Sea Of Sock Yarn

I posted this picture on Ravelry, but I wanted to post it here, too. I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed. There was a thread in one of my sock groups asking us to show a photo of our sock stashes. So I emptied my bins, and spread mine all out, and I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew I had a problem, but…Wow!

So my question is, When does is cease to be a stash and become a case of hoarding?

LOL! I dunno…seems like there might be a very fine line between the two. Kinda like “One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure” At least your stash is neat and still in order! And the cat seems to be enjoying the extra padding…I have an orange tabby just like yours, named Punkin!
So it could double as a catbed when not made into socks…yeah, that’ll work! :thumbsup:

I don’t think you are hoarding, Your cat maybe but not you! LOL Nor is it hoarding if you share…

:passedout: Holy Smokes that is an impressive amount of sock yarn. You are my hero.

:chair: WOW! That’s a LOT of sock yarn. So many projects, so little time.

Orange tabbies are awsome aren’t they. Morty is sort of a Mamma’s boy. He loves my husband, but he really LOVES me. :teehee:

That’s a lotta sock yarn! I have to say I like the big orange skein ya got there :teehee: Oh, and I’d love to go swimming in that sea! hahaha

OMGGGGGGgggomggggg its a lots of yarns for socks …gr8 courage n gud lucks

Hoarding, never!!! You have spurred me into taking sock yarn inventory or just even yarn inventory of my stash. I have a tabby and he is call Stubby as he was born missing part if his tail. He loves to give kisses and lick your fingers.

I’m happy to find that there are lots of shawl and scarf patterns knitting with sock yarn. So at least I don’t have to knit 10 dozen pairs of socks.

If you do, maybe you could take a photo for this thread. Then maybe I won’t feel so bad. :aww:
Is Stubby the cat in your avatar?

No and yes. My avatar is for Tigger ( a tabby who was diabetic and had three strokes and it broke my heart to put him to sleep but he actually liked my vet who he usually hated.) and Stubby who we got to replace Tigger.

No and yes. My avatar is for Tigger ( a tabby who was diabetic and had three strokes and it broke my heart to put him to sleep. He actually liked my vet who he usually hated after he had the strokes.) and Stubby who we got to replace Tigger.

Love your stash, and love your cats too. Sorry you had to have a broken heart, but I think it comes with the territory (loving cats). I have three, and one does look like your orange guy, only mine is a small (8 pound) female of 4 years.

Now, you’d better get knitting, young lady!

jdee…you’re my hero! One can NEVER…I repeat, NEVER, have too much yarn. You should be proud…hold your head high! I’m so jealous :stuck_out_tongue:
And, while we’re comparing orange cats, here’s my contribution. She’s just an ole stray that took up with us, so we had her fixed and now she just hangs around outside. We call her our “garage cat.” She’s standoffish and not very friendly, but I guess she’s ours. We haven’t named her yet…we’ve had her over a year now.

To join in on the orange tabby thing…

Here’s Punkin when we found her…(sitting slap in the middle of the road!):

And now…the tempermental, sometimes sweet, sometimes mean, water lover/watcher BIG Punkin:

I think it’s only hoarding if you hide it in the attic, visit it now and then in secret and refuse to actually knit any of it:roflhard:

I like how you included the cat for scale :rofl:

I don’t think my sock yarn stash is quite as expansive as yours – but then I haven’t laid it all out on the floor lately. I keep most of it in a 9x9 chest but have more tucked away in other spots.

Hmm, I guess I’m going to have to start pulling it out and see how much there actually is. I have a feeling I might be a bit startled to see it all out there . . .:hiding:

I thought sock yarn didn’t officially count as stash.

Then again, I might not be the best one to ask, as my first thought was “Wow, I’d love to just roll around in that whole pile!”

Disturbing, to say the least.

(ETA my reaction was disturbing- your yarn is lovely.)

That works for me! That means I’m not officially a horder! Mine’s in my daughter’s old room so that doesn’t count right???