A scarf laced together, rather than grafting? Please help!

I was browsing pictures of thicker scarves on Pintrest (this page is more confusing than Tumblr!) and came across this picture but there were no instructions. I don’t need the pattern for the scarf itself, I am sure I could find something similar, but I REALLY want to have the laces that tie the two ends together.

Can anyone explain how this was done? It looks too nice to just be a random string that is not woven in at all, so it must be knitted in, right?

I love the idea of tying ends together rather than grafting them together. If I can figure out how to do this I will start tonight, I am so excited, so I hope someone can tell me what I have to do.

Thanks so much.

Click here for the picture

Can you link to the picture?

Sorry, I had to upload it so I could link it and the internet was being slow. I linked it above, but here it is again.

Thanks. I didn’t see the link before. :shrug: Sorry 'bout that.

It looks as though it’s been bound off leaving larger than average loops? It’s cute, however it’s done. My first thought was a picot bind off but it doesn’t really look like one to me.

You did not miss it, I forgot to put it in when I made this thread, hehe. I just edited it to include it so whoever else might look would not have to search for the picture.

I haven’t seen anything like this, so I have no idea what to think. Just by looking at it, so you think it will be a simple technique, or something more difficult?

What a relief! I thought I was “not seeing things” that really are there. lol

Simple? I wouldn’t bet on it but it does look to me like some sort of bind off. If it’s not bound off and you lace through live stitches, should the lacing come loose…not a pretty picture anymore.

I looked again at pictures of a picot bind off - I’ve never done one - and at your image and I think it might be a picot BO.

I’m not wishy washy, am I? Well, maybe. No, I don’t think so… lol

Definitely not wishy-washy!

I will have to look at the Picot binding, does it always end in a lace to tie in a bow?

Do you think it matters which stitch pattern for the scarf if it is a complicated bind off? I don’t want to get to the end and not be able to do it, haha.

It looks to me as though the eyelets used to lace the scarf together are part of the pattern itself. In that cast you could use any stretchy bind off and lace the I-cord tie through a row near the end, say 2 rows from the bind off.
Love the scarf!

That sounds complicated, I don’t know enough to do it without instructions. I have never made an I-cord, would I do that before beginning to knit the length of the scarf? If so, which bind off would you use to if the I-cord on the end of the other, is it going to look weird.

This is so complicated. :frowning:

The I-cord part is not difficult at all. It’s like those long chains you may have made as a kid using a spool.

You can make it at any time, before of after knitting the scarf and then use is like a shoe lace to join the bound off ends. The trick will be finding a pattern for the scarf that you like.

So you think that I would knit the cord separately and just weave it through the ends of the scarf? Would it be completely unattached if would I have to knit or sew it in? The pattern doesn’t matter?

It could be perfectly unattached but just to keep things from bunching up, you might want to tack it down in a few spots.
The pattern doesn’t matter all that much. As long as you can put eyelets into the ends so that the I-cord can feed through. The scarf in the photo looks so good partly because of the eyelets in the pattern.

I am pretty sure it is simply an i-cord weaved through the eyelets. In that case, I could probably do without the pattern.

The yarn I wanted to use was Bulky (5) Craft yarn, 12ply I think, calls for US11 needles. I am not sure if I would be able to knit anything with a visible pattern, like eyelets? I will have to look around and see what could potentially be made with chunky yarn.