A Scarf and a Dishcloth or Two

I haven’t posted any photos yet of my work yet, so here goes. :slight_smile:

Here is my first “finished” piece. It started out as a mesh stitch dishcloth, that I worked on when I had time to knit, but not enough time or concentration to work on my project scarf. It is only a few rows because I reached the end of my scarf and I wanted to practice binding off before I performed it on the scarf and I cut this short.

I didn’t use a guide; I made it up as I went along and it turned out pretty ugly. However, I had started this several times and I didn’t feel like pulling it apart yet again, so I cut it off.

Next is my dishcloth that I made after I read about binding off and learned there is a method for knits and purls. I decided I’d better use the same pattern as my scarf for practice.

I haven’t figured out how to weave in the ends (tucked underneath for a clean photo) and I think I’m going to crochet a fringe, but for all intents and purposes, this is finished!

Finally, this is first ever knitted project. This is what I started in my knitting class and it is finally almost done – I just need to bind it off and decide whether or not to add a fringe. I have plenty of yarn; I’m just not sure how much extra work a fringe is. (Maybe I should add one to that first image above and see what I think! :rofl: )

Now I’m working on another practice square using the mesh stitch. I want to see if it looks better with a solid color acrylic yarn rather than the multi-color “kitchen cotton”.

Thanks for looking!

Great work! Congrats on your first FO! What yarn did you use for the dishcloth?

Thanks! :aww:

The dishcloth is Peaches & Cream – looking on their website, I believe the color is “156 Rainbow”.

They look great!

I love dishcloths! And great scarf too!

Very pretty! The scarf looks very warm and “sunny.” Fringe is pretty easy, but I like your idea of applying some to your test piece to see how you like the look. Nice work.

Congratulations on your first FO’s! :cheering:

I like the bright yellow scarf! And the color of the dishcloth…too cute! :inlove:

Gotta love that bright yellow scarf in the basket weave stitch! :grphug: Of course I like bright yellow… I use Peaches & Cream sometimes too.

Looks like you are doing well!

Great job and congrats on finishing your first project!! It took me a while to brave doing the basketweave stitch (one of my faves) when I first started knitting.

:woohoo: for first FOs!! Great job :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the kind words. :slight_smile:

I was just looking at the fringe on the scarf my mom crocheted for me and I’m surprised at how simple they are and how well they have held up over the last year. I think I will go ahead and put a fringe on it and FINALLY wrap up that project! (It will also save me from having to learn how to weave in the ends. :rofl: )

Thanks! I really love this stitch too and I almost want to use it on everything. It’s so easy to keep track of my stitches when they are in sets of five like that – I could always tell right away if I was off, which meant less to frog when I made a mistake.

At the beginning I had to knit five rows at a time because I couldn’t tell what I was on when there was only a couple of rows done, but it didn’t take long before I could “see” the stitches to count them for myself.

Thanks! I think I’m going to so that I can practice how long to make it and how many strands to put in it and where to tie it and how to space it. :thumbsup:

Poor me has to play with more yarn before I can finish my project. :rofl:

At the time, yellow was DS’s favorite color and I thought a kid’s scarf would be a quick and simple first project. He has since moved on to GREEN, but he has also informed me that he likes ALL the colors except for “pink and purple and the yucky ones.” :slight_smile:

That yellow is a Cascade something. Superwash something? I should look it up – I’ll need to know if I ever get into Ravelry. :wink:

Great job on those first FO’s! I’m sure this bright sunny scarf will be a favourite for your DS.

Great 1st projects!

Very nice looking first projects! Good job! :thumbsup: