A really weird question

Ok, yup this is weird. I posted a message that I’d like to teach knitting. On Craig’s List. I thought it’d be fun and yeah, I could pick up a little bit of cash (I don’t have a job). $10 an hour.
I immediately got a reply that seemed a little pushy so I wrote back and said, by the way, are you a guy? The answer came back, yes.
I know I must sound crazy, but I don’t feel like teaching this guy… something offputting about the message. Or maybe I’d just feel more comfortable teaching women. Am I crazy? It is entering into a relationship that would go on for several weeks etc. Um, I’m not gay but, I’d rather teach women! ok, what do you think? And how do I explain it to him? (anybody want to teach a guy to knit?) Victoria

Hmm? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand…

[color=red]Do you not want to teach him simply because he’s a guy??? [/color]
:arrow: If I saw an ad siting, “Learn to Change Your Own Motor Oil” and the teacher wouldn’t accept me as a student simply because I’m a woman, I would be highly offended. :? I think it’s the same principal with knitting. Why should he be denied as a knitting student simply because he’s a guy? :frowning:

Or do you not want to teach him because you thought his response was pushy? [/color]
:arrow: If he used inappropriate language or griped about your fee, then that’s his problem. He should find a teacher whose fees he likes or a teacher who will accept his language.

So if it’s simply because he’s a guy, I think that would be discrimination, so you might want to consider another explanation for him. If it’s because he doesn’t like your fee, then just tell him that your fee is non-negotiable. If you think he’ll just be a general pain, then you could always jack up your fee to $50 a minute and send him screaming for his mommy :twisted: Hehehehehe Just kidding … :lol:

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help :frowning:

ekg… whew lot of letters there…

your reply did help. I suppose it was his tone that made me feel funny. yeah, undoubtedly it is discriminatory. I used to be 'hit on’
a lot when I was younger, maybe it’s left its mark. (my husband’s words: Are you afraid you’ll be hit on?) rather than knit-on ha ha

By the way, since I posted on Craig’s list all of a sudden there are whole bunch of new posting for teaching knitting. Guess I started something.


Victoise, I think you should just go with your gut instinct. If you don’t want to teach him, then don’t!

That’s my two cents!

:oops: :oops: :oops: :smiley:

I know what you mean … men who were older than my father hit on me when I was like 10!!! :shock: I guess it was my 34C frame … :roll: It left a mark … :expressionless:

Look at that as a good thing!! Mr. Questionable won’t have trouble finding another teacher 8)

Where did you plan on teaching the guy. at your home? If that is the case why not teach him when your husband is home? Better yet meet him in a Cafe. Coffee shop etc.

What am i missing? Where is Craigs list?

There is a book called The Gift of Fear, by Gavin DeBecker that I read a year or so ago that talks about “funny feelings”. I would definitely not invite some strange dude over to my house, especially if I was skeeved out already. We are taught to be so non-discriminatory and PC that we ignore our basic instincts. Go with your gut, especially since you said the response was pushy.

Oh I agree with that. I wouldn’t invite any stranger to my home … man or woman, funny feeling or not …

I know people who have been stalked in real life as a result of the fallout of stuff that happens on forums. NEVER share your personal life (real name, address, phone number etc) with people on the net because there are too many fruitcakes out there (yes, even on knitting forums).

That’s my paranoid 2c.

Stay safe.

I saw a program on Court TV about a lady who was stalked by an “internet buddy”. He told her that he lived in TX (which turned out to true); she lived on the east coast (I forget which state). One day, she answered the knock at her door and IT WAS HIM!!! Unannounced…uninvited … Ew!! :x You can just imagine how her life was turned topsy turvey by this wacko; it took the show one hour to cover the tale.

Where i wonder is she planning on teaching?

Don’t know. But your suggestions were good … cafe, coffee shop. I was thinking the library …or… Barnes & Nobles has really nice gathering space, …or … Borders Books … or … the common space at the mall … YMCA might have some space she could use … :wink:

I go to Borders often taking my knitting along with me. People play cards in the cafe also. At one time there was a group of women that met there to knit. Anyone could join them. At that time i was not knitting. To bad because i bet they would of taught me plenty. I saw some of the items they were knitting, beautiful sweaters, hats, coats. etc.

Victoise, I get what you’re saying. I would be very uncomfortable if I thought the guy might be looking to “hook up.” Yuck.

You could reply to him and tell him “the slot is filled.” That what I used to tell creepy people when I was renting a room in my home. You know, imply that you only have so much time to teach, and you’re already booked. I’m sure you could even word it in an honest way, like “I’m not available to teach you, sorry.” (Or “available” in any other way! Ick!)

Or, you could tell him you’ve decided to teach in groups of 3 or more only, and then you’d have other people there to reduce any “personal” vibes.

Definitely I’d stick to a cafe kind of place; anywhere public and comfortable.

Great idea to teach and post to Craigs list! Good luck with that. Let us know how it goes!


Wow wow wow… just got up this morning and this is the first thing I read. I had a feeling (feelings again yes!) that this would be the place to get some real feedback that would help.

You are all great to take the time to help on this little problem.
I was going to go to a Starbucks or something of course, never in my home… I just am not going to take this fellow on … I am going to go with my gut feeling. That was good Amy, about the diffeent options of saying NO.

It’s true about the PC thing and all that, I hate to do something I really don’t want to do because of whatever… Well, when it gets right down to it, if the person had been more polite I would have picked up the phone and talked to him.

THOSE PICTURES ARE BEAUTIFUL! Nice way to start the morning.
Thanks again, ! Vic