A really neat hair video!

Here is a video that shows you how to make your hair look really nice even on days when it feels yucky and you forgot to wash it.


:shock: your link is a music video titled “You got Rick Rolled”

I don’t understand.


[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3]Being “Rick Rolled,” means when somebody gives you a fake link to a video and it turns out to be the video for rick astley’s “never gonna give you up.” it’s just supposed to be a joke, but it’s a bit irritating to me.[/SIZE][/FONT]

oh, guess I’m behind the times. I still don’t “get it”, what’s funny about a pop video?

guess I’m too old. I just find it an odd place to do such a thing.

I think that’s probably the tenth time I’ve gotten Rick Rolled this year. I always chuckle when it happens. I’m glad I love the song :smiley:

I must be old too…:slight_smile:

Me too, but my son just explained it to me :roflhard:

My son just showed me this link to the same song and this IS funny :rofl: at least to me :slight_smile:

Now THAT is funny.

As far as the other, I still don’t get it so guess I’ll give up. Why would you waste someones time telling them a video was one thing when it is really something entirely different. I don’t mean to offend the OP because apparently it is something that is “done” but it just makes no sense to em.

Why would you waste someone’s time telling them a joke? :??

Jokes are usually funny.

Rick rolling is fun! For those who don’t understand, here is a link to wikipedia.

Thanks a bunch :roflhard:

And the fact that I find Rick Rolling funny and you don’t shows that not all jokes are funny to everyone.

That’s the first time I have been Rickrolled. I didn’t know who he was, but heard the song a lot. I thought he might be panomining to the song, because he doesn’t look like he would have that deep of a voice.

DAMMIT!!! You totally got me!!! :roflhard:

Thanks, that was totally hilarious. :slight_smile:

AHHH! Rick Astley…:roflhard: And I used to like that song when I was a kid :oops: :teehee:

You got me too! I love getting rick rolled tho :teehee:

That Obama one was awesome:cheering:

Hahah, thank you for that. LOVE that song, yet I have never been rick rolled myself.

My favourite one is the kid who rick rolled his school 10 times in one day. HERE he submitted the song as a replacement for the school bell and they accepted it. So anytime the bell was to ring, it Rick Rolled instead.

I also heard that on April Fools day, youtube linked EVERY video to a rickroll video. Wish I had actually experienced that to know if that really happened. Pretty funny.

Never heard of Rickrolling, but thought it was funny. He was after my time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Barackroll.