A really cute hat, but

Hello, knit lovers!

I’ve started a hat, but the pattern seems wrong.




So the cables are way too tight, the rim is curly, the result is not as expected. How do I make those 20 stiches wide cables kind of loose?

Very nice hat! I can’t see the photo of your knitting however.
Are you using the correct size needle to get gauge? You might even go up a needle size because of the cable.
Are you knitting the cables too tightly? When you hold stitches to the back, be sure not to pull the next sts knit too close to the sts on the right hand needle.
It may also take knitting several rounds for the sts, especially in the wide cables, to relax so that you see the cables nicely.

This might be better. I am using the needles of one size up, so it might me the problem of my tight knitting here. So the pattern is ok? Because to me double twisting in the first five rows seems too twisted.

You’re right that it’s a lot of cable twists in just a few rows and that’s why it’s important to keep it loose. If you are unhappy with the look, you could try spacing out the cable twists. Put in an extra 2 rows between them. You can try this out on a swatch if you like rather than re-knitting on your hat.
Here are some directions that may help for posting photos.

Also can’t see your pictures so the below is shooting blind.

If the brim is curling on you, my question is whether you started the hat right at row 1 of the chart? Because it looks like the hat has 3-4 rounds of 1x1 rib before the cable chart would start, which shouldn’t curl on its own.

Thank you very much for the tips, I hope I finally managed to post the picture of my work… As for the rib knitting the instruction says it’s only two rows…

Actually, it looks excellant. The cables so far look soft and not tight although they might feel tight as you work them.
The rib may work out fine when you wear it or perhaps with blocking. What yarn are you using?

Thank you very much, but I’m really upset about the brim and wanted a wider cable…

I’m using merino wool yarn, it’s 80g for 50m, for 4,5 needles, but I’m using 6 though

OK, because you’re using wool you’ll be able to block it and some of the problems with the curling brim may be blocked out. If you decide to start again, you can always make the ribbing longer (more rows).
Wider cables are more difficult to do because you are stretching the yarn farther but you can do them. You may find it more comfortable to increase the spacing between cable crosses over that shown in the pattern.

thank you, I’m going to try bigger spacing between the twists and see what happens

And thank you again for all the advice ))